Ccbincc: the topic

This is a topic for all things ccbincc!
Here’s a few links!

Wiki and introduction to ccbincc: Ccbincc Wiki | Fandom

Remastered: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Note: i will mostly rely on YOU to locate bugs! If something doesn’t come up during development it will likely not be found until that part of the code is rewritten

If the bug is something good that helps players like for example a glitch that doubles a cps multiplier, I’ll likely make it into a feature and ensure it stays in future updates, maybe even adding a shadow achievement for it!

I have made a trello for the game where you can suggest things to add!

Currently I’m working on making consepts for the mine’s special upgrade. It’s going to be entirely reworked in the next update and disabled in this one

But my priority is figuring out how to handle the factory’s, help would be emmensly appreciated


Well that’s unfortunate! I don’t seem to be able to share it!

If anyone has suggestions then I’ll be glad to add them

An update regarding supply chain, the future of the upgrade is uncertain, I am unable to develop a proper formula to determine how close each building amount is to the adverage of all the building amounts that works with a dynamic cps multiplier

At this point I think it’s essential that another person develops the formula
I will create all the necessary blocks for this if there are any that are needed and not yet added

This formula is just beyond my math capabilities right now

Ladies and gentleman, and people of all other genders I present to you:

Chat gpt to the rescue

I tried so many times prior to get it to spit it out but it’s horrible with math, luckily I managed to explain the problem in a situation the ai can understand and finally got it to spit this out

Finally we return to the mine redesign…….

Anyone got ideas I’m really struggling

And for the background graphic I call apoun @xx_pax_xx or @chloetheglitch

Is there a cookie sprite ready(or, something else to be used, rather than the classic cookie)?
If its not a cookie sprite, what is it gonna be?

For this id like to have all the graphics he original, ccbincc and plus where mostly made of ripped assets and even when the graphics where original they where assembled from parts of other ripped assets

The only thing that I can recall that was entirely custom was the world record stat screen

I don’t know if the cookie clicker but it’s not cookie clicker monicker even applies anymore, it’s more just there in spirit

Well, what i mean is, like, is the clicked item going to be a cookie? Just to get an idea of what to draw.

Well right now I just need a background graphic because I’m bad at making stuff like that

I’m better at making individual sprites

Alright. I think I have an idea for the background.

Cool! Next up would just be the mine special upgrade’s rework, something I was also stumped on. Just don’t know what it would actually do, hence why I asked another person for help!

After that I’ll do upgrades and then update 1 should be finished, I wanted update 1 to finish every feature that was in the game but not functional on the beta release

Also if you just have any ideas for stuff in general then tell me and I’ll add it to the trello!

I’ll try to only get your help if I’m really stumped on something (I also already tried ai for the mine upgrade and it really didn’t help)

Btw you just directly send exported vector svgs as image files here so you dont have to like upload it to a scratch project or something

(Scratch should switch to Discourse)

Absolutely they should but it might not be so great with the huge user base

For smaller communities it’s so much better

I might hold like a contest thing for the mine upgrade but I don’t know how many people would actually enter

I can’t share links or upload images. Should i share the link to you on Scratch?

Sure that’s fine!