Ccbincc: the topic

Alright! I linked it.
Note, for the background, I designed it based off being a chalk board, the idea of how the original Cookie Clicker is usually played.

Could be good as a thumbnail, maybe playing the game could help a bit, dunno if you even saw it probably should have made sure of that
Even just like a simple gradient would be fine

Heck, I’ll focus on the background just come up with ideas for the mine upgrade it’s been eating at me for a few days now

I think I got something for the backround
Problem is it shoots the filesize to 1320kb

I fixed it by making it a sprite and because of that I was able to add some subtle movement and rotation


I ended up making the backround graphic myself

Oh, sorry. I just saw this forum today.

Morning everybody!

Anyone have ideas for the mine upgrade yet?

I could come up with something.


Are the scratch forms down for you too?

Oh, I didn't know they were down.

Are they for you as well? I wanna know if it was just me
If so it’s the first time only the fourms have ever been down

Yep, they're down.

It might be a ddos attack because the entire site is really slow
Do you have acess to twitters if so have they said anything about it

I don't have my phone on me right now, but I will check once I do.

Alright cool


Any ideas for the mine upgrade to get back on topic

Oh, right. I have noticed this is a clicker game... (Yes, I just realized this :skull:)
Maybe the mines could be... (this might sound real stupid...)
filled with whatever the source of money is.
I really don't see this working out.

The special upgrades have a theme in that they all give a bonus based on the ammount of occosiated building(s) the player owns