Capture and replay a drawing

Link here.

0:35 A Snap! forum that has a video that has a video that has a video that has a Snap! forum.

That is pretty cool...

I’ve made a mouse tracker like that

...until being noticed by snapenilk, and interpreted by Brian Harvey, was neither cool nor 'un-cool', as physicists say that Schrodinger's cat is both alive and un-alive until a measurement takes place. Thanks for making it cool.

I'd like to see your project, so please share it.

it ain't snap tho

It's how you used your programming knowledge that counts, so even it is made in Scratch, share the link anyway.

I'll re make it :slight_smile: I can't find the project

Looking forward to see it remade in Snap !


Umm how do lists work in snap?

What do you want your list to contain?

A list's values can be single numbers, or, what is even better, they can be pairs of numbers, or, even better, triplets of numbers (See my project' code: The 'Triplets' is a list of triplets and the value of a triplet is itself a small list (of three numbers). The first number is used to memorize if mouse was down or up (1 or 0), the second one being X_coord and the third one being Y_coord).

Umm. I want 2 to hold the X and the other for the Y and they will add and add until stopped

Well, I know that in Scratch you need 2 lists, one for the X and another for Y, however, that's not the case in Snap!.

In Snap! you need only one list. This list then contains pairs (X,Y).


You start by setting (i.e. initializing) ...

Then, in a loop, you add values to the list:

I needed this to make it a list:

untitled script pic (5)

edit: thanks for your help

Yes, if you insist on having 2 lists the way you need to do it in Scratch.

I feel like snap gets triggered when someone says "scratch"

Ha ha. You're right. But I assume you can learn to do it a bit differently, or am I wrong? :wink:

I know what the arrow does it is called playing around with snap and seeing what it does

Sorry. I guess I am not very good teacher. Sorry...