Capture and replay a drawing

Nah, but you helped me tho!


Here done just read the info

edit: it is a bit laggy

If you want it to be a list of XY pairs, then it has to start that way -- not as a pair, but as a list of pairs: untitled script pic

The real issue is not that it is laggy. It is a "square-like" motion on replay because the SET X and SET Y blocks can not reproduce the original smooth motion, despite the attempt to synchronize them by using two hat blocks in parallel. What would help is a single GO TO (LIST(X,Y)) block.

Thanks for correcting me. (I have inserted the correction into the reply above)

We have that! The GO TO with the pulldown menu of sprites, and random position and center and stuff, lets you drop a two-item list onto that input. (This isn't new in 6.0; we've had it forever.)

Nope, I found a way to have a list containing multiple lists that have the same amount of items. It's actually quite simple.

I meant it would help if daniel used it.

I am aware that "we've had it forever" (as you say); also it's being used in the very project this topic is about.

Would you share the trick?

When you get to know us better, you'll learn that we don't all think with one mind! :~P