Can't open project error

I was making a project and I tried to work on it today but I couldn't access it. There are no recoverable files to this but I saw other people posting about this so I was hoping to get some help. Only Google Chrome was used and the project is This is really important so I would appreciate the help, thanks.

Chrome is up to date and really need this now thanks!
I did try to change the name after I saved

Thank you, this is useful information. Can you clarify the old and new names? Thanks.

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Well I tried to change it to The Battle Dogs Beta but it said it failed so i left it as The Battle Dogs V0.0.1

The name failed to change and i was working on it yesterday

I was on Google Chrome at school, working on a large Snap! project for class. I saved it, reloaded the page and was treated to the error "Load Failed: TypeError: cannot read property 'attributes' of null". The project was blank and no recovered files could be loaded, even though I had saved it tons of times before the error. I'm not sure what version of Chrome I was on at the time (it was my school computer and I didn't think to check before I went home) but on my home computer this issue is still occurring on Chrome v78. No clue how this happened, but I've seen other people on the forum recently having this same problem. Is there any possible way to recover my file? I need to turn it in for a grade and I can't afford to lose it.
i have the exact problem

Hi there,

I recovered the project and it's now at!.

I'm looking into the error logs to see if I can find what it is that's destroying some projects when people try to rename them.

I'm tempted to disable project renaming until we've pinned this down. @bh, @jens, @cycomachead, should I?

yes please we have exams right now and it may cause some inconvenience for people

what about the other project that i have is it gone? the The Battle Dogs V0.0.1 because that one was the one i was working on if you could also recover that one, that would be great!

Recovered too!

Thanks so much!

yes! I totally agree. Maybe you also want to turn off editing the project notes.

Do you think it has something to with the browser version?

Yes, but the renaming is under our control and the browser isn't.

Oh, I see. Was it you who...?(if I may)

Who what? You lost me.

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someone is flagging forum posts like crazy. I'm trying to restore them all...

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