Students keep losing code a white screen appears

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  1. What browsers show this problem? google chrome
  2. Please share an example project (if possible).
  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue. she adds more code to her project and it gets a white screen
  4. What does Snap! currently do?
  5. What should Snap! do instead?

The project froze while I was viewing it, maybe because I am on my mobile at the moment. Is that happening to only one student or to multiple students? Could you be more specific with that? Thank you.

It opened, fine for me, but I'm using Chrome on a PC and the browser sometimes makes a difference.

White screen sounds like the bug some users are getting in a broken version of Chrome. Can you specify which version are you using?

Please reply to this if you know something:

Still on my mobile.

This year it has happened to multiple students. At least 4 and they have lost work and had to start all over from where they had last saved. It seems to happen when they have a lot of costumes or clones.

I will find out. It is working fine now it just crashes when she adds more code, but another problem is with the students who are using clones it starts to get extremely laggy the longer their program is running and it happens pretty quickly. For example on the above project, all the cars start to slow down. I did mention to them to try Firefox. I see them later today and I will get back to you on which version of chrome.

I see. You may want to read these if you have not already:

Could you share the links to the other projects, please? Also, just like bromagosa said, version hugely matters. There are many other topics in the Forums like this, which seem to be happening due to the version.

This one also got laggy, when I completed the task or mission. But there is a bug(if this project is finished) in the project, which may make it look glitchy.

You could also try Microsoft Edge. Some other coding platforms, like Scratch(not coding language though) have stopped working on Chrome; but still work nicely on Edge. Nevertheless, Firefox should be better.

I was looking for it, and when I found it, after a few minutes, it just turned to a white screen; I wish I had taken a screenshot. And I am on my PC now.

Project creates car clones without limit. Off screen clones should be destroyed, not just hidden and wasting resources. E.g. "L First" sprite has "when I start as a clone" block with forever loop. So every second thre are more and more sprites, pending loops and javascripts objects. Extreme count of objects slows down JS interpreter and block UI thread.