Can You Rick Roll Someone?

Is It Allowed To Rickroll Some One?

You can do anything as long as it is part of the community or part of Snap!... :roll_eyes:

Here is an article that may help:

The article doesn't state about Rickrolls so it's fine to rickroll someone.

Nice try, I got an ad​:sunglasses:

:wink: Winky face


I Just have On Qustion (Sorry For Bad Spelling) How Did You Change The Link Title

of course you can, just don't do it so often that we will stop clicking the links you send.

I Won't Do It For Most Of The Time Even Heck Maybe Never

Here is the tos of what you can and cannot do! Snap Forum Rules

:open_mouth: You Tricked Me But Its Fine

:))))))))). haha

Thanks Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share

image yea im not so sure if i should click that...

this is kinda off-topic but i few months ago i made this fake google classroom with different links and stuff Classes (its not a rick roll)

You Know What I'm Gonna Join Your Minecraft Relam My Gamer Tag Is CoolJordan1266


It Did Not Let Me Join :frowning: