Can You Rick Roll Someone?

idk you may have put in the code wrong

No It Said Want To Join The World Of Fun And Then After It Did Not Work :frowning:

If you REALLY want to rickroll someone, you can use my Ebic Rickroll website I made.

Haha replit is blocked from my school

Ahahaah :confused:

It will probably crash your Chromebook anyway.

It worked on mine, it was pretty cool


AAA The Rick Rolls Insane (I'm Not Mad I'm Happy And Impressed)
Edit:I Turned Off Pop-Ups And Wow Its Crazy Insane I Had To Turn On And Off My Laptop/Chromebook

Did You Turn Off Pop-Ups Go Try Again And Do That And See What Happens :}

My Chromebook can't block popups anyways, so I saw the window do it's thing

If You Blocked Pop-Ups Then There Well Be More Windows But If You Have It Off Then It Well Have One Window


You should use Rick Roll (Different link + no ads) - YouTube As it has no ads.

I get this when I visit that webpage:

Oh, I remember something that did this once.
It was called uh you are an idiot? somethin' like that.

Everytime you closed the window it spawned new ones.

Maybe your device blocked it? Is that a school account?

I Was Not Alive Back Then But I Do Know That That Existed

No I Had A School Laptop And I Think It Said Your Administrator Blocked Or Something Like That
Some Administrator's Block The Whole Site Itself (I Think) That Never Happened To Me

Yep. I modded the webpage. The original: