Can we please add likes to projects?

if people were able to like the project you shared, then it would help you know whether people actually like your stuff, based on how many people have seen it and how many people left a like. we don't need to add dislikes, because it might have a negative effect on people. it would be great to know which of your productions people like the most, so that you can improve your work and make more things for yourself and others to enjoy.

No, that'd be kinda like social media, and then people would probably just only care about the likes it gets.

And besides, likes aren't very informative feedback. It just means this person liked your project but it doesn't tell anything on what you could improve on.

if we add likes it would make projects worth on the number of likes, not the effort. it would be like how in scratch theres this huge drive 4 being famous.

no, if we add likes, it helps you know whether people like your stuff or not.and if they like your stuff, that would mean that you put a lot of work and effort in your work. if you have very few likes then you could simply ask the community what they think you should add, and then you try and make it better. adding likes would help you improve, not be come worse. we could still have the section that shows off the latest projects that have been made, even by non-famous people.

ok, so how are ppl gonna c your projects? also, how is the community gonna tell you

if we dont have comments?

imo, make a forum topic abt your project then ask 4 feedback

they'll see it in the latest projects section. and didn't @bh say that comments would be added soon?? or, yes, you could also make a forum and ask for feedback. the reason for likes is that it's a faster way to encourage people and say that you like they're stuff rather than having to type, "i like it" all the time, and likes also sometimes mean more than comments, like, on scratch, u will c that some people will say your project is great, but they won't leave a like. so, likes actually matter more than words, i guess.

They are also another way to get more motivation to do another project faster

alright, i c your point.

im just afraid that snap will turn in2 scratch. in scratch, theres this HUGE rush 2 get front paged, 40k views, top loved, most followed, etc. its gotten so fame-driven that the famous scratchers are regarded as "gods," & that theyre only famous just bc they make good projects. thats not true, they got famous bc of luck. there are tons of users who make amazing projects but only get 10 views. the famous even make their own "famous scratchers" studio which only famous ppl (800+ followers, sometimes 1k+ followers) can join. so then lots of unfamous ppl wanted 2 get famous since being famous seemed like an exclusive thing. which started an explosion of "advertising" (posting links 2 your projects on famous projects) and f4f (follow for follow). but the famous ppl didnt like that, so they created an "anti advertising association" studio which advocated against advertising, f4f, becoming famous, bc in their defense, "scratch is abt coding & fun, not fame," which is true. the thing is, the famous are being not true 2 themselves bc they ALWAYS boast being famous by making famous scratcher only studios & showing off their follower count in their profile section.

so now scratch turned in2 this cesspool of not only political extremism, but also social media. i dont want that 2 happen 2 snap ;~;

I believe that the best kind of feedback are ones that tell you how you could improve upon it. For example, if you made something terrible, then the person giving you feedback would say that this thing needs to be improved upon. And the person could also give feedback on things that aren't bad, by saying how you could make this better. If you had only likes, then you would not be able to convey that helpful information. If you did something wrong in the project, but there were no comments, then how would you know you did something wrong? If there were only likes, the only feedback you would be getting is someone likes it, or not a lot of people like it. So that is why words matter more than likes.

nothing of the sort is going to happen. not if we leave the latest projects section around. and not if we don't add followers and stuff. and we don't need studios, so we'll be fine.

that's why, if you see that no one seems to like it, you take it to the forums and ask people how u should improve. otherwise you don't even know whether anyone has seen it or not.

EXACTLY!! That is so true!

ok, will there be a top liked projects section?

@zahra_kaito will the number of likes on a project become visible 2 the public or only 2 the owner?

No, only the featured section---likes don't matter enough to have its own section--

i don't think there's a need for that......

the public does not need to see might discourage them from looking at projects that don't have any likes at all because they'll think that those projects are probably just useless projects not worth looking at. so, no, they don't need to be visible to the public. it is just important for the owner to see the number of likes. wut would happen if a user gets 0 likes even tho s/he did a lot of work? how would s/he advertise his/her project so s/he could get likes?

Make a forum about it, obviously. or you could advertise it in your signature. Y are u asking such ridiculous questions that are so obvious??(no offense, this is just really annoying)

bc i dont support this suggestion, thats y im asking these "ridiculous" questions

Well, it's really very annoying and a waste of time for you, bc i know that you already know the answer. so please only trouble me with valid questions, not silly ones in which there is really no problem underneath.