Can I make a wiki about Snap! here in the forums?

I am making this question because I want to create a Wiki about Snap! but right here (in the forums). This is possible, but will moderators accept it (@bh)?

I have been thinking about doing this too, but never have.

A question, do you have a post in a locked topic?

I don't know... Also why?

I want to know if you can edit a post in a locked topic.

you can in pms with mods, so probably. I'll try

This post is yours, try to edit it...

I don't know... can I?
check notifications

Yes, you can...

Btw, can you do this? Click on the three dots

Click the button before Reply and then Make Wiki, can you?


Yes, you can do that as well. I can edit it as I can see...

Thank you for the help :+1:

we have defeated the system :sunglasses:

No, the purpose is to make a topic. Then to reply a lot, then @bh would lock it.

And then I will convert the replies to Wikis, and then people could edit them without making another replies!

Okay, makes sense.

couldn't you just use the Unofficial Snap! Wiki?

Also, please don't

He'd see this post (even if you delete it, the forum still remembers the post, so no matter what, he will see it). Plus, you could just ask him to lock the topic instead of trying to abuse the forum.

I didn't try to abuse the forum.

well you talked about it

It's only a feature.
You can make a Wiki to let others edit your post, that's how it would work...

yeah, but you don't need to reply a lot to get @bh to lock the topic.

What? I'm requesting this only once. And I didn't say how the Wiki would work exactly.