BYOB-Style Rings

I made a few blocks that work like rings, but look like the ones from BYOB!

And, as a bonus, run and call with BYOB-style command and reporter inputs!
BYOB-style rings script pic

Thanks to @tethrarxitet for the %cmd slot!

Ty it out for yourself!

Can you credit me? @ 16233


Do the BYOB-style procedure input slots have the feature that what you drag into them is or isn't ringified depending on how close to the slot you are when you let go? ;~)

It doesn't ringify any reporters, but it acts as if it does.

The call blocks are actually just number input slots. They are made in 'vanilla' Snap! (with a bit of XML editing), after all. :)­

You can still do pic, though.

The more things change, the more they stay the same:
Screenshot 2024-03-05 17.23.20
Screenshot 2024-03-05 17.30.19

I'm not sure if I can do this...

Oh yeah, Jens still has somewhere the email I sent him in which I drew that dialog box in ASCII-art, before he actually built BYOB 3. It's one of the things we got right the first time. (Except that in the real beginning we didn't have unevaluated input types, so those were missing from the array of type shapes.)

Umm, do you mean the dragging partway in feature, or something else?

Yeah. I found out that Snap! just has %cmd, and not something like %rep. I'll just have to settle forpic.