Unlisted Input Type (Functional)

While making a Snap! tool that allows users to add inputs that the IDE doesn't allow them to add to their blocks, I found an input called "%cmd", which I believe might be an early version of the lambda ring input.
That thing... it scares me.

It works perfectly, and correctly outputs the lambda ring. So why, exactly was this scrapped? It could've been very helpful.

Edit: In the source code:

  // ...
    type: 'command slot' // currently unused, retained for compatibility
  '%cmd': {
    type: 'command slot'
  // ...

That is from BYOB.

That must be why. Anyway, I made a script using this thing.
Chat, is this real?

There might also be one for reporters!

Here's a weird input:

You can get the reporter and predicate ones by creating a
data pack or modifying Snap!, here are the specs: %r %p.
For the color one is %clr, in the normal Snap! you
can't connect them with other blocks. :point_left: :nerd_face:

This input was made official in the Dev version.

I think I'm doing something wrong:

<blocks app="Snap! 9.0, https://snap.berkeley.edu" version="2">
  <block-definition s="the block %'block'" type="reporter" category="operators">
      <input type="%r"></input>
      <block s="doReport">
        <block var="block" />

This is the problem.

It should be one of these:

  • %rc - Command ring slot
  • %rr - Reporter ring slot
  • %rp - Predicate ring slot

Oh. I'm trying to see if I can get a BYOB reporter slot, instead of a ring.

What file can you see all those inputs?

You can find it in snap/src/blocks.js, or download the source onto your computer via GitHub, then search for "%s".


EDIT: What's %byob?

Screenshot 2024-03-05 12.09.17
This list of options.

If it has "menu", then it's most likely one of these. (eg. %dir, %aa, %edit)

Man. Well, I guess I have to settle with this:
(The run blocks are custom. call is (currently) not.)


Its functionality is equivalent to
Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 12.09.36 PM

It's just that it shows a BYOB-style ring instead of a Snap!-style one.

Really? Cool!

Sadly, I have discontinued it, but I have thoughts about bringing it back!

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