Bug in my project

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)
this is the link for this project.
I'm glitches with this project. sometimes, the game is over when you do nothing when the game is over. sometimes, when the game doesn't ask a question when I want the game to ask a question. and sometimes when the variable poop=6685 the stage only wants to move 1 way and the sage moves the wrong way. can someone do something to fix these glitches?2024-01-05T06:00:00Z

Can you share the project?
Because this project does not exist or is private

EDIT: I just figured out that you have a bug where you can't share the project, maybe explain more?
EDIT 2: Oh I forgot that you're able to share projects, maybe share it?

You should change the category of this topic to Snap! Bugs.

No !!!
"Snap! Bugs" is for problems with the Snap! itself.
"Help with Snap! " is a perfect place for your problem

I was mistaken; I wasn't thinking clearly. It happens to me often. Sorry about that.

I wish I this topic in snap bugs but it's too late too late.

did you click on the link. go look up green ball positions. my latest update is green ball positions 55f does the link take you to green ball positions 55f. the link at the top takes you to green ball positions 55f.

I know the project exist, so the project is private, so how do I make the project public witch I just updated it well typing this.

did you see the link at the top of the topic

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)
here's an updated link. link.

This project is private. Here's how to share your project:

How to share your project

Via Snap! Editor:

  1. Click :page_facing_up: at the top left.
  2. Press "Open...".
  3. Choose the project you want to share.
  4. Click "Share", then confirm you want to share your project.

Via Community Site:

  1. Choose your name at the top-right of the community site, then choose My Projects.
  2. Choose the project to share.
  3. Choose Share.
  4. Confirm sharing your project.

how do you find the shared projects?

Looks like you got a really strange bug where you can't share projects:
Screenshot 2024-01-11 172612

how do I fix that

Can you try using another device (if you have another)?

ok I'll try.

I'm no a diffrent device now and it still won't let me share my project. what do I do now?

Have you verified your account from an email?

what does that mean I'm alittle nervous.

these are some screen shots of the game.
if you want more I can show you more.

my last greenball positions I shared was greenball positions 53 you can look that up and look at the script of green ball positions 53 to campare it to these details.