Broadcast vs Send msg to

With the intro of the great feature "Send ___ to ___" block, the message reporter started reporting a list of (message text,recipients List).

So for the Broadcast type of messaging, "message" reporter reports the actual message text, but for the new one, one needs to access the message text using "item1 of message" block.
This breaks code that was using "message" reporter to check on the messages.

Is it possible for consistency purposes, to either have "message" report the new structure all the time so all message texts can be accessed via "item 1 of message"; or "message" reporter report actual message text all the time. And then if one used the new "send" version, then one can access the recipients via "item 2 of message".

Yes, bad design. I'm guessing Jens's idea is that you know what kind of message you sent, so you'll just do the right thing for whichever you're expecting. But if the receiver needs to know who else is getting the message, the user should just include that in the message! Imho.

P.S. Why am I finding out about this from a user, @Jens?

this is a loose end. What I really want is take away the message reporter.

oom oom ya ya

Without a message reporter how would the generic When I receive work? or does that go away too?