(blocks) block

can someone make/has someone made a

[scratchblocks] (blocks :: sensing) [/scratchblocks]

block? it would report all the blocks in the block pallet.

I'm curious why you want this; do you have an application in mind?

i'm trying to sort through properties of blocks in the block pallet.

huh? no, I don't have any application in mind.

synonym for app, game, program
working on a solution now

oh, now i understand.

would it report custom blocks?


including hats?


Do the custom blocks need to be grouped with their categories, or do they just need to be there?

I think there should be a boolean to turn that off. same thing with sorting by shape.

turn what off?

grouping by category

ok. I guess it might report itself too

yes, that is right.

That would require extra effort in the JS code, since we have no provision for ringifying hat blocks.

The instruction for ringifying a block is actually the same for every kind of block, so it doesn't really.

um, I managed to put Hat blocks in grey rings.