Hat blocks in grey rings

hey guys, I managed to put hat blocks in grey rings (by editing the xml), so here they are
and here's the link so you know this is not a prank https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=ego-lay_atman-bay&ProjectName=hat%20blocks%20in%20grey%20rings

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You can edit the XML to put any block anywhere if you want to. But Snap! already allows you to put blocks anywhere they're useful, unlike Scratch, which adds unnecessary restrictions, so there really isn't a point.

Once you've done that, can you CALL or RUN them? What would that mean?

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idk, I haven't tried yet, but I have figured out that the hat blocks don't get triggered inside the rings. I have found more things, but I'll put them in the project.

ok, I added a short tutorial, thing, in the project showing more stuff with hat blocks (including call and run)

Same as when you click a hat block with no script attached. It's just a no-op.

putting hat blocks in rings isn't possible without editing the xml, and I'm showing what hat blocks work in hat blocks (and inside scripts)

when <(when green flag clicked::control hat)::grey ring>::control hat
move ((when I am [clicked v]::control hat)::grey ring) steps
can you just please

You guys are all weird.


Thanks for the compliment.

You're welcome!

It has been done, two years later.


oh, and btw it doesnt do anything so

Is this supposed to be a dark mode or something?

Actually, it's faded blocks.