Block Flipper

Block Flipper

Block Flipper - a game where you flip gravity

  allowfullscreen allow="geolocation; microphone; camera"
  width="480" height="390" frameBorder=0>

(i removed the embed because there is a glitch playing in embed, and it was slowing down the page)

this is a game that I made and published quite a while ago.
I've started working on it again, and finally decided to make it a forum topic.
I would appreciate feedback and help with bugs.
I hope you like it :P
(i suggest playing in the editor, without fullscreen)

  • you can glitch into the ceiling or floor
  • moving platforms are glitchy
  • corner bouncers don't work (last I checked)
  • you fall off a moving platform you’re on when it turns in embed
  • moving platforms behave differently in embed

After the first level with coins, it gives an error. I'll see if I can get it to error again.

Edit: In WHEN I RECEIVE "load level", in MAKE LEVEL FROM, something's giving this:
untitled script pic(5)

Hmm, that is strange. It didn’t use to do that. I’ll see what’s up…

Ok. It was loading some experimental levels that aren’t done yet.
It should load the normal ones now
(that means your first experience of this game was of unfinished levels ':D)

"Press r to die"
I never thought someone would tell me how to do the one thing you should never do in gaming: kill yourself.

It’s in case you get stuck because of glitches. :P

if you just put the I frame it puts it right here in the forums

yeah, i know. i turned it into code because it was slowing down the page for me
(Also for some reason, parts of the game don’t work if you play it that way)

I’m not sure people have realized this, but probably 2/3 the point of this project is to remix it and
Make your own levels. I’d love to see some custom levels! :D

very nice! 9.3/10


Fun but it takes forever for the level to load when I die

I don’t think it takes that long. Are you on a slow computer?
(I’ve tried to make it faster and I can’t. If you can help make it faster that would be awesome)

Which sprite has the code to write the levels on screen? I found the block, but I want the sprite.

Setup. It’s the one with the Alonzo costume

And where is the graphics cleared?

I mean the level

You mean the cleargraphic message?

The level data is in blocks in the operators catagory

I mean where it deletes all the blocks to load the next level