Here's my new game: an agar .io style game.

  • Blobby doesn't move, the world move arount Blobby
  • 300 clones in the world

To do:

  • Ennemy ia for single player mode
  • Multi-player mode

I will need help for the multiplayer part: someone want to help me with

I need 2 functions:
1st) read the socket in loop to know what food/enemy got eaten, size of enemy, etc
2nd) broadcast my size, what food/enemy i just ate, etc

I already watch 2 project (chat project): blocks (@programmer_user)
... meshes(@18001767679)

Please don't post unfinished projects on the #show-projects flair.

Post it in #requests-to-the-community:collaborations.

Refer to this post:

I'm not even sure if those even work

Ok we get it! Shush!

I think you're only supposed to say that to someone who has repeated their point way too many times.

...and I am

You make me laugh: watch this!

Yeah, but I at least had a project.

Here's the link ! (You could just say: you forgot the link to your project!)

yeah dude, dont be rude @slate_technologies

I'm not sure that mine work.
Replit is too sleepy and wont wake up

(fast and professonal)cloud variables with reliable servers are on the top of bh and jens 's list

Okay. Thank you sir (or ma'am).