My line of games continues to grow... here is one inspired by my previous game, this time not based on speed and points, but based on your deductive reasoning and perception, common sense, maybe even your ability to triangulate...

You start in the dark blue tile in the middle, invisible, you can press space to reveal your location for a bit, and you can only do this 3 times. Your goal is to reach the magenta tile.

Red tiles decrease your health.
Yellow tiles increase your health.
Green tiles replenish your health entirely.

Move around with arrow keys.

Can you get through the blind maze in one piece?

wow nice game! i love how you can only see your character when you press space and also the fact about how you can only press space 3 times. over all this game is really good! keep up the good work!

I had 94 health! Nice game!

I like it.

Can you make it controlled by mouse clicks instead of arrow keys?

For example, using something like in this pseudocode:

wait until mouse pressed;
if (mouse y > ([top of stage] - n)) then move the sprite up;
if (mouse y < ([bottom of stage] + n)) then move the sprite down.

I'm asking because that way it could be played on smartphone, too.

The point of the game is to be blinded. Using the mouse makes it easier, and not giving you that feeling of being blinded.

Maybe use a joystick instead.

I don't understand. Clicking on narrow horizontal band/area just below the top of stage doesn't reveal user's position, at all. So you are still blinded.

Yes, of course. It should have mouse/touch support now.

Using the mouse for me makes me feel even MORE blind personally..

I've also added a SHOW button.