BJC Middle-school Snap demo has microworlds & Jupyter notebook style workspace?

Right around here Snap!Con 2021 - BJC Middle School v1.0 - YouTube looks like a Jupyter notebook. Many other places in same video show a microworld interface.

I'd love to use both. Are these available currently? In the pipeline?

Do you mean the white flat design look?

Not quite, although I'm glad to know that as well, thanks.

What I thought was a Jupyter notebook view might actually have just been normal script blocks with their help contents laid out nicely in a column. Still would like to know about the microworld-looking interface, is that available for use?

Can you screenshot and paste the things your talking about please?

Sure. See the customized palette here for example, most things hidden.

You can right-click on any palette block and hide it

So you can hide all standard blocks and just leave custom blocks showing

I believe the feature is there to allow teachers to simplify/tailor the interface when required

I don't get the option to hide my custom blocks in 6.9.2. Perhaps they are using a dev version or a pre-release 7? Is it available to use?

You can't hide custom blocks (in 6 - don't know about 7)
Your screenshot showed that the standard blocks were hidden
I'm using 6.9.2

Ok, thanks for the info.

Btw, the screenshot URL says .../version/dev/... so I was curious about access. I hope things like custom helper functions are hide-able.

I've just remembered something that may assist you

Just had a look at 7 and if you right-click on empty space in a category and select hide blocks - you can hide any block including custom


7 is still in dev so I haven't used it very much - been caught out in past by using a feature and then it getting pulled before release so I now wait till release before diving in :slight_smile:

Plus there is very little documentation about 7 features

There's some.

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