BJC Hour of Code Latency and Crashes

Hi there,

I did the hour of code from BJC ( with my 5th graders today but for a handful of them, the website kept freezing or the code would disappear. I had them refresh the browser but the missing code never came back. I experienced that intermittently as well and it looks like internet connection may be a factor. Are there specific requirements besides using Chrome?

also, is there a way to widen up the frames to the browser window size? It is hard to see the blocks in the coding area.

Yeah, ugh, nobody's maintained that in a long time. I guess we should try to dragoon some student to do it. Meanwhile, our apologies.

@cycomachead do you think we can delegate this?

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Maybe? Unfortunately I think it just needs to be re-written entirely. It was quite the hack at the time, and we never updated it. New Snap! will hopefully make a new version easier to build, but IMO this is probably something to be retired.

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:slight_smile: Thank you! Most of the kids did okay :). I remember using this Hour of Code activity for my daughter's class 2 years ago and it was great.

I wonder if we can use the thing Bernat built for Paul as a framework.