BJC Contradiction between U1L1 and U2L1

One of my students noticed an apparent contraction between the two different Click Alonzo labs.

On page 4 of Unit 1's Lab 1:

When Alonzo is completely transparent, the game should stop.

In Unit 2, Lab 1, students continue editing their Click Alonzo projects. On page 4 of Unit 2's Lab 1:

Right now, the game never ends, but you'll change that.

This seems like a contradiction – the version of the project students are editing in U2L1 is based on the version from U1L1, and that version already has an ending condition (once the ghost effect is fully applied).


Oh lord how did we do that?? Well, I can guess how, probably we put in the Unit 1 stop-the-game instruction after we wrote the Unit 2 one.

Anyway, thanks for reporting it!