Big Number Jam

WARNING: The contest is over, and no one submitted any entries.

I want to make a contest based around big numbers because my current interest is googology right now, so here it is!

Since I expect the results to be greater than BIGNUMS can handle, you wouldn't need to enable it as it will return "bad digit radix 10" and without it it will return "Infinity".

Let's say that it's year 2124 and humanity has just found out how to produce infinite data on a computer without the actual size being bigger than the universe! Because of this, everyone will be able to compute bigger numbers than 2^1024, graham's number, and even tree(3) and scg(13)! It can compute infinity in just 1 second, so all numbers below it will take googologically small fractions to compute smaller numbers, just about 0 seconds! However, hackers have figured out how to take advantage of this! So they made a virus that can delete data from the computers! All data will be wiped from every computer in 1 month. Your challenge is to make a googologism (a number in googology) and make a list called "RAM" which contains "1"s so that the amount of "1"s in the list is the googologism you made. Also the "1"s have to be separate items. This contest ends at Feb. 6 2024.

  1. Your number has to be bigger than anything BIGNUMS can handle to be accepted.
  2. Don't steal or plagiarize anyone else's entries (unless the plagiarism was just a very big coincidence)
  3. Provide a link (in format "My Number! ([link here])") or a script pic of the standalone block with a script pic with what's inside it below the script pic.
  4. Your entry must contain at most 2048 blocks and at most 10 custom blocks.
  5. You can use modified versions of already-defined googological functions, but you can't actually use the functions itself. If you do, make the costume say what googological function it's based off of and make a button to activate the process.
  6. Do not copy any functions or modifications of the functions from the Bignum Bakeoff. That is also a form of plagiarism as the contestants of it worked hard on their entries, especially Ralph Loader and his famous Loader's Number.
  7. Do not create any program that "Waits a long time to create big numbers" as it can interfere with the amount of time it computes, especially that the wait time you would have entered would obviously be longer than a month, letting the Hackers be able do wipe the data in time.
  8. The bare minimum you can make your max number is the max number BIGNUMS can handle plus one, although I don't know it, but people who (most likely) have their end result above Graham's number will be in the top results.
  9. Googological functions can be extremely big by using lists and making their functions do things to them. if you are an expert at lists, try to use your list skills and your number might be way bigger than any other entry.
  10. Don't use any of my modules for big numbers.
  11. If your entry uses an invalid and bad way to sneak through the results, it will be added as a rule not to do.
  12. Try to get a member from the Googology wiki to analyze your function to see where your place will be on the final results. If you think you already know the output number, put it in your result like this: "My Number! ([link here]) Final output: [Output here]". You could even make a milestone in the googology history!
  13. Have fun while making it! You have a 1 month deadline.

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Warning: the jam is halfway through! You might want to make the big number before the hackers steal all the data!

Why is no one joining

I guess few people are actually interested in very large numbers. And most of those who are don’t frequent this forum. By the same token, most people who have noticed your challenge are not interested. I, for one, don’t care much for VLNs. But since I’m a puzzle addict I’ll try to submit a contribution conforming to your set of rules.

Before I do, I’d like to remark that bignums will actually process numbers north of 10^10,000. E.g.:

Now for a VLN that will fit into the memory of my iPad:

Googology script pic 5|690x224

So that’s a number consisting of a billion 9’s, and then some. Of course I could make it even larger, by using hexadecimal, or even base-256, notation; by finding out exactly how many characters the largest string is my system can store, or by using a system with more memory. But, like I said, I’m not really into VLNs, and for now my entry is at the #1 rank on your highscore list, I guess … :slightly_smiling_face:

if 10^10000 is not the limit of BIGNUMS, then what is? Also, the challenge is not to add the number to the RAM, but to add an amount of 1s to the RAM such that the amount is the number you made.

I don’t know. All I’m saying is your claim about it being 10^10,000 is incorrect.

I don’t understand what you mean. Could you give an example, for a smaller number?

so if your number was 10^10001, then the result would have to be 10^10001 "1"s in a list to be submitted. If it was 10^20000, then you would have a list of 10^20000 "1"s.

Ok i changed it

Do you mean: design a program that, given unlimited time, will produce a list of, say, (10^10000 + 1) “1”-digits?

it won't generate the digits as a number, but it will generate the separate "1" items in a list. for example if it was 2, then the RAM would be {1,1}. If it was 3, then the RAM would say {1,1,1}. Basically, the challenge is to make a very big number, then make a machine that adds "1" to a list "RAM" that amount of times.

Isn't this just
untitled script pic (2)
? Except it won't actually work because you can't get enough browser memory to make a list that big. (If you try it you get a lot of script-unresponsive messages. I eventually got bored and let Chrome kill the tab.)

technically, but what i would've expected is this:
untitled script pic (10)

Ah, that's just because you haven't yet learned to believe in functional programming! ;~) But I think your version will have the same problem, namely, not having enough memory for such a big list.


i don't think people are making submissions

No one joined and it's already over

Yeah, I'm sorry. You have a very esoteric hobby.