Better representation of links to projects

When someone posts a link to a project in the forum, it appears like this:

...because the URL points to Snap! with the actual project appearing as data to the link. It'd be nice if the forum recognized URLs of projects and put the project's name instead of Snap! 's name, and the project notes instead of the Snap! propaganda paragraph. Besides being more helpful to the forum reader, that'd encourage people to write project notes in their projects!

Im dumb--Why are you suggesting to the devs when, in fact, you are a dev?

He's not a forum dev, so he doesn't know how to add this. It also allows us users to show that we also want this feature.

oh true

Yeah, this isn't something I want badly enough to put my own effort into (especially when I'm so far behind on the manual!) but I'm hoping that someone else might do it. :~)

I agree.

Is this roughly what you were thinking of?:

Screenshot (68)

Yeah. It wouldn't have to have "Snap! " in the title, even. Just the project name.

What if you made a project named, say, Smoothness - Wikipedia? (yes that's a thing)

People can make fake pages anyway, can't they? But sure, it could have a Snap! logo in that picture place up in the corner.

That would work. But then what if it's instead a project called Snap! Build Your Own Blocks?

I would be a little suspicious of a link to Snap! in the Snap! Forum... but anyway, as I said, it's easy to fake a link, caveat emptor and all that. To the extent possible, I'd like our lives to revolve around good possibilities, not bad ones.

I've forgotten what that meant.

Let the buyer beware.

Ah. Let's see...

Edit: ..."take care buyer"...

yeah i can do the manual for ya, why didnt you ask before?

Oh, easy just make the tab name the name of the project then add "- Snap" to the beginning or something

How does that relate to the post you replied to? (said post:


The link on the thing is the same as the name of the tab it leads too.


No, I want to do the manual, it's the other stuff I want other people to do.