Better cloud blocks!

Supports cloud lists!

Someone (me) hacked the server (./Hacker.php) and left a server hacker API!!!
I'll solve that...

Use firebase to anti-cheat?

I won't use firebase.
I'll think how to anti cheat...

How does firebase anticheat?I'll use that technique in my server.
@coconut104 Can you give me your firebase blocks and I figure the way to anticheat?

Doesn't seem to work for cloud lists

The block doesn't finish running


Did you edit the cloud id and cache var "test"?
In the server side I can see you editing cloud list hello in cloud id fred!:+1:

Ask spaceelephant for more detail or search it up, I don’t have firebase block, but I know how it work, it basically is a server, that can deny some request from other url(I think) so for example: if url contains editor then deny. Or maybe you can figure out other way. But I’m sure it can be a big problem if you don’t Solve it

Firebase can only get 5000 requests a day, it’s not the best solution

I forgot to cache it :slight_smile:

But I have done now and the block returns ...

But I cannot retrieve the item



This strip of code is for allowing all domains to use and change cloud vars.
I can change it to make it only accept some urls.
But its still possible to use iframes to hack.

Works for me!Click on that block again!

Can you make a tutorial of how to use firebase? And how to deny certain URL request?
If we all use ur firebase then all projects together can only accesss 5000 request a day, which succs


use this strip:header(''); to only allow requests in snap.Oh,that only works when server backend is using PHP.

In firebase, you need to use the security rules.

What??? Did you finish the firebase blocs? Can you make tutorial on firebase please?

Still nothing


Cloud test has this.

can cloud test prevent cheating?

Yes, with the security rules in firebase.

can you make a tutorial about how to set up a firebase server that uses the security rules?