Better cloud blocks!

The firebase official documentation on security rules should help.


The server now forbids cloud var editing in editMode to prevent cheat.

No!Only one cloud id in one project!And you should cache the vars!

I rhink I can still edit this in edit mode, also, if they know the cloud ID can’t they just go to their own project and use the cloud ID To cheat?
Summary: If it can accept all project non edit mode player can make their own project using the same cloudiD

I can still change it

I'm trying to make a query parser to disallow cloud ids that are not eq to projectname.

Its InDev

Ok, I’m looking forward for that :smiley:

Is it finished?


I don't know python

yeah yeah so i asked @programmer_user

did he reply to you?

yes but w/ a bad answer(no clue of location.hash which I need)

Could you give us the url?

Can you add a delete all of cloud list items block?

Good job !
@18001767679 can i store somes pentrails in your cloud server ?
Do you have space limit on your server?

His server stopped working from other projects.

it's working for me...

Try it in a separate project by exporting and importing them to a different project