Art with sin, cos and tan

My new project:image

Is the art of mathematics or the mathematics of art ?

All from sine, cosine and tangent functions!

I like it! It looks like a hallway extending infinitely to the distance. Or you could see it as the negative space of an hourglass.

Cool! I like it!

watch the project: 152 drawings !

Oh! I like how a lot have a circle.

Mathematics of art. I think. Now my brain hurts.

I think it's "Art of Mathematics"! Oh and I think

applies to me as well.

But @loucheman is using math to make art... Or is he/she using art to do math?

Yeah... it's "Art of Mathematics", not "Art for Mathematics".

Ok. Now I'm really confused.

That's my inspiration:

@loucheman said what was originally confusing.

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Glenbull made a course

@dardoro Here's the most recent version of the course that we are piloting this fall:

I like how a lot of these look like 3D softbodies.

Yeah, me too.

When I was a high school teacher, I had a rule that there were four things you weren't allowed to say in the computer center:

  • He started it.
  • It's not my fault.
  • I can't help it.
  • It's not fair.

I fined kids a nickel (one of many teaching practices I'd never get away with these days) every time they said one of those.

Ok. I had no idea.