Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 7 Rhythm

The second module in the music sequence introduces rhythm:

Here is the motif of Mary Had a Little Lamb that I created with added electric bass, bass drum, snare, and closed hi-hat. Thanks!

This is the motif of Over the Rainbow that I used along with a bass drum and the open hi-hat to make a new sound. Thanks!

I really like the way you used the electric bass! Great job!

This is the runaway motif I created along with rhythm created using the bass drum, cabasa, and crash cymbals.

I think there is an extra slot in the play tracks command that you're going to want to delete and save so that it plays when pressed. I like the rhythm you added to the classic though, it kind of gives it a groovy feel for lack of better words.

I added a simple drum line with a base and closed hi hat.

I really enjoyed how the bass drum acted like a heartbeat, giving a tense tone to the piece.

4 on the floor drum pattern with my motif. Enjoy!

Love how the kick emphasizes when the strings play!

For this project I decided to use the classic riff from smoke on the water and back it up with a basic rock beat.

Great four on the floor pattern. I really like how it syncs up with the motif.

I put a basic drum beat over my Interstellar motif from last week. It sounds a little wonky at first but if you play, stop, and play again that sometimes fixes it.

The drum beat goes well with the Smoke on the Water motif and I like that you used both quarter and eighth notes

I added a drum pattern with bass drum, high-hats, and snare drum.

I like the effect the cymbal gives to the motif!

This is my second draft of the Sweden project, now with a bit of a drumbeat in the background. By removing the makeshift chords, I was also able to properly format the music into a motif so it could be played as a track along with the drumbeat.

I like the effect of the drumbeat here! Something about the interplay of the percussion and the piano makes it sound like something that could be the backing track for a rap.

My goal was to create a beat that went well with my melody.
I added some rhythm using a base drum, snare hat, and closed hi-hat using the methods discussed in class.

I really like this, almost sounds like a new song!