Art & Music (Spring 2022): Art & Music Project

Create a project that combines art and music.

For this project I made a raincloud that shows raindrops in time with over the rainbow.

I used the beta site to create this project because some of the blocks I wanted to use were not on the official site. My inspiration for this final project is Billie Eilish's Ocean Eyes. I used the opening chords and melody of this song. For some reason, it doesn't play all of the song even though I have a least one verse I believe. Also, when I added a drum beat it stopped playing completely, so I left rhythm off of this project. I created an ocean and two eyes. The pupils of the eyes are the ocean background and for the movement they blink.

This is a cool project. I think we had the same idea in making the picture really representational of the song where in your background rainbow really connects to the song.

I worked with John Mayer's New light again, adding a visualization with it this time. I try to imitate a light show with a guitar doing a little dance.

I love how you show the process of the clouds and background being made. Makes it feel like I am watching a live session.

I really loved the music and the illustration. New Light is a great song.

I continued with Mac Miller's "Come Back to Earth" from last week. For this project, I added chords to go along with the intro melody and created an underwater scene inspired by the music video. The scuba diver also shines rays of light from their eyes when the notes change.

This is a really impressive piece, especially with all of the sixteenth notes and I love that you used both piano and flute in your project

I decided to try something different this week with "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2. I'm still experiencing that unusual "phantom note" phenomenon, especially in Section 2, so it might be interesting to see if you also experience notes playing that are not coded into the piece.

This is very impressive stuff, the music especially is very elaborate.

For my project I made an original animation to an original melody and chord progression. I had no inspiration for my work just enjoyed making the animation move with the chords.

Amazing work. Really enjoyed the guitar art work!

I wrote a short musical piece and created an animation to go along with it. The animation is simple, but several of the parts are meant to be synchronized with the song. Each sprite is named according to the instrument it is matched with.

This was cool. I liked the visualization with the guitar. And I can definitely see the light show inspiration.

I love this project, very cool idea

This project was inspired by my use of pandas and spinning triangles in projects throughout this semester. I hope you enjoy

I used the same song I used last week (Give Thanks by Henry Smith) and I added elements that we learned throughout this semester as visuals. The elements I included were inspired by Rothko and Pollock. I also added a drum beat and character movement dependent on the changing of notes. This project was inspired by a drawing a baby cousin of mine drew that I was able to see this past weekend.

I really like how to guitar moves with the song, it is really cute! I also like the colors you used for your dot, it really fits in with the song! Very nice!

I love this. It gives me tie dye trippy vibes as far as the visual art goes. The song and the movement of the pandas with it was cool.