Art & Music - Module 8 (Spring 2023)

Here's a link to Module 8 (Musical Note and Scales):

This week's activity involves creation of a project in which the notes from a music track are synchronized with movement on the Snap! stage.
I based my visualization on the Starburst example from this module. I decided to incorporate one of my previous projects as well. My visualization takes in the note being played on the mini play keyboard and displays that note as a flower. Each key (from C4 to C5) has a different position and different color for the flower petals. The project represents the keyboard and shows a flower for the note played.

I wanted visualization to mimic paint dripping down a canvas. The lines are produced by different notes being played for different durations.

I made a flower that grows from the "Dot Piano" code!
Snap! Build Your Own Blocks!

This is so cool! I like that you chose to build on your former code! You did a great job with the creative aspect.

I play Rudolph the red nose reindeer and a reindeer changes size! You have to click on reindeer piano first then the "for each item" block

This is amazing and creative! I love how the dot looks like it becomes a flower since the center is the same color.

This is a musical visualization through different lines bouncing on the screen in different colors. Each note on the MIDI piano corresponds to a different note.

this is a super cool visualization! I had to see the direction manually when beginning it the first time but it was fun playing around with it.

I wanted to a visualization inspired by Jackson Pollock, like our previous assignment, where I combined the splash/tadpole looking design with each note that is being played.

I like how the size of the reindeer changes with the notes of the song. I found it to be a very cute design.

I made different sprites do different actions based on what notes are played.

The colors look very nice and it's like creating a new different painting every time the script is run, very cool!

I made clones run a race on the track and assigned a note to each clone.

Wow this is cool project that makes well use of something that we saw in class. It's fun to play around with and see what abstract paintings you can make.

I learned a song and used changed the size and note of the animation while it plays.

this is so creative! I love the concept.

I made an animation with two characters (a mouse and an elephant) where the elephant is moved when the lower notes are played and the mouse is moved when higher notes are played. I would eventually want to add more character and have it work for a longer range of notes.

This is super creative, I really enjoy how when you play a song you are also creating a piece of art.

This is really cute- I love how it reminds me of spring