Art & Music: Module 8 MIDI Extension (Fall 2023)

This week's project is an extension of Module 8, linked below, that uses input from the MIDI keyboard to trigger events on the Snap! stage. For this assignment, explore the example programs provided and then create your own.

I wanted to make it print dots with different colors every time I pressed a key, but I couldn't figure out how to make it stamp by pressing the key. I only got to changing the pen color by pressing the keys.

This is my visualization, but I'm not content with it because I'm not sure how to get the lion to start on the very left side of the screen. I can only make it start from the middle. Hopefully I can fix it next class.

I wanted to make these stars "burst" into different colors based on the notes played. I think I have to scale back on the number of stars because I didn't account for how long it would take to cycle through all of them (or play around with warp); still, I'm happy with how playing notes quickly in succession or chords will only change a couple of colors and will make interesting combinations.

Super duper cute, I LOVE the whole cohesion and design of all of this! This is amazing, your graphic work is great. My only suggestion is that some of the expressions have a little less time to shine than others, I'd love to see them equally.

I'm working on a magic-y looking piece that shifts with your music. I'm using some math with the MIDI and note conversions and scaling it so that you can use the full range of the keyboard. The costume changes in the lighting are based on the note rather than the MIDI conversion however.

Module 8 Extension

I tried to make a little dancing figure switch directions every time a melody note played, but I couldn't quite get it right.

I think this is a really clever way of linking the animation to an audio track. It's not too complicated of a concept, and it is really effective. I also think the circle background is very aesthetically pleasing.

I love your project! I think it's super creative and I love the visualization of the lion and its habitat. Super unique and fun!

Awesome project! It looks super impressive – I'm not even sure how you got half of these effects. You did a great job of making it look like magic. It's nice that you've covered the whole keyboard too, instead of just one or two octaves!

I made a simple animation that created confetti based on a mod operation. I set up pastel colors for each note when played so there would be variation, and created a Happy Birthday song motif to experiment with it. When I added chords though, I think the Current Note reporter gets confused and can't print the confetti based on the note, so I'll experiment more with that.

I really liked how the background grew as the song went on, and I think this is a really creative way to go about the project! Your music tracks were also super fun and the simple design works really well.

I'm attempting to do a shrinking dot effect on each note cluster. The last few seconds it has issues synchronizing with the beat which I think might be due to the repeat loop that makes it fade away.

This is fun, I really like the art style you've got going on here.

I wanted to make something similar to that piano game where you have to click on the right key of the note gliding down. It's pretty similar to the example of the dot piano, so I got a lot of inspiration from that too

I like the way you made the circles bigger and move toward the corner! I saw that there was a variable called "melody", but I didn't hear anything and was wondering if you were going to change it based on keys later

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks , green dinosaur tried to keep it basic, with the background changing colors as well.
This project uses the different notes on a midi keyboard to change the color of a pen, and it makes random lines and circles to cover up the page. Essentially, the user can choose which color they want to paint with at the moment using the notes on the midi keyboard, but the art gets created randomly.