Art & Music - Module 7 (Spring 2023)

The third module in the music sequence introduces chords:

Used the chord progression using C major G major A minor F major chords.

I used the C A F G chord progression as a foundation and then developed a melody and bassline that I felt harmonized well with the chords.

I really enjoy the melody to the song. I think the use of sixteenth notes added a very cool staccato effect that makes the song feel distinct and catchy.

I used the C major, A minor, F major, and G major chord progression

I enjoyed the melody and liked how the bass drum placements helped create a catchy beat, adding to the melody and cord.
I tried all of the chords in the suggestions but didn't find it really fitting for this song, so I looked up a chord progression in the A major, which is what this song is in, and it sounded alright.
I used the A - F#m - D - E chord progression

Wow, this chord really does add to the music!

I added Chords to my gingerbread project!

This sounds really neat and professional. The notes you used go together really well and the individual notes flow well with the chords.

I added chords to my haunted mansion project and made the octaves sound really low and spooky

I love the way the chords and all the instruments sound together! I love the way you stacked them and made it fit

I used a F G E minor A minor chord progression and added a funky bassline and melody to go along with it.

Cool! Having the melody match the same note as the chords sounds very harmonious :musical_note:!

I used a C A minor F G chord progression to go along with a part of 'Spring' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

This song is so catchy! Really love the melody that you used for this.

I used C G A minor and F chord progression to make this. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I really like the melody!

I like how the bass drums help create a catchy beat!