Art & Music: Module 7 (Music)

The first six modules were art activities. The next six modules (7-12) will focus on music. This week's module introduces synthesized and sampled sound:

The goal of this week's activity is to create a sound pad by assigning sounds to different keys on the computer keyboard. Then create a short video in which the sounds are used to accompany a performance.

hi, this is my video :slight_smile:

I tried to play a video game theme song, but my computer lagged so I couldn't do more

Hi everyone, this is my video

Hey everyone, here is my project:

And here is a video of me performing:

Hi everyone,

I was having a lot of trouble recording my TuneScope screen without having a significant amount of lag, so I was forced to record an audio clipping of myself over a screenshot of my program. My actual TuneScope program has the hot air balloon moving across the screen while the background music plays.

Here is the link to my program: