Art & Music: Module 6 (Spring 2023)

The first module in the music sequence introduces rhythm:

This piece is a recareation of the popular piano piece "River Flows In You" ( I separated the piece into its base and treble clef parts and made some augments to complie with the issue with tied notes.

I Modified my original gingerbread piece to have a drum track!

I modified my previous assignment to include a drum track that follows the pirate theme. I used a bass drum, snare drum, and a cabasa.

This is really awesome. I remember having to learn this song when I took piano lessons. The snare drum almost emulates a metronome which is really cool.

I portrayed a dance battle and modified it to have a motif, and I also used the snare drum and a cabasa.

I wanted to recreate the first few notes from Melody of the Night 5th Symphony since it was one of my favorite piano pieces.

I modified my motif and added a bass drum, snare drum, and cabasa. I didn't make the sound trying to replicate anything, just something that sounded interesting to me.

This sounds great! I love the visual too

I like how the different drum tracks blended really well with the motif. I liked how the drums added to the overall vibes of the visual too.
I made a beat with the bass drum and hi hats and added some piano to go with it.

Very cool animation! The different instruments sound nice together.

I recreated the beginning of Fur Elise and added a drum track over it using the snare and bass drums.

Wow this was a very good drum piece! I wonder how it was came up with and what the inspiration was.

I added a drum beat to my module I made before spring break

This is super cool and creative! This is a really cool song choice and the drum pairs pretty well in the beginning especially

This is so creative!

wow! I love the creativity of this piece.

This sounds really neat! I like the variation in your bass pattern!