Art & Music: Module 6 (Fall 2023)

The first module in the music sequence introduces rhythm:

I thought this was a fun assignment. I do not have any experience with drums, but I tried to add some offbeats with the drums. I added the crash symbol at the end because I thought it would be fun and lighten things up.

When adding the drum beat, I dealt with the issue that my melody did not fit correctly within the measures to work nicely with a drum beat. I will have to go back and rework the motif, because in the process of alligning it with my drum beat, I messed up the original melody that I had created.
Adding the drum beats was easier than I expected, it is a tedious process though having to add each individual one instead of somehow consolidating the process

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks , just made something random that tried to sound good, had to experiment a lot

I totally get what you mean. I think it would be great to learn a way to consolidate the process of making the drum track. I love your project though, and I also enjoy the motif you chose.

I just tried playing around with the drums and how they would sound with the motif, so I didn't really have a sound that I was going for.

Module 6

I built up the rest of the Lost Woods theme I made last week with drums, bass, and chords. There's a lot of repetition in the chords and bass, but because I had to keep the measure length intact I wasn't sure how to make it simpler. I want to be able to have repeats within the play tracks module – right now there's a lot of redundancy.

I agree! I was not expecting the drum process to go so smoothly. I really liked your motif too and the way you incorporated different types of drums and layered them in the background.

(Sorry for the timing, I didn't realize I had to put it in this thread too. I'll separate it to a project with music only and add a new link later!)
I updated my old song as requested with a drum track in the drum turtle! I did a little bit of math to keep them in sync. I like playing around with the percussion, it adds a sort of finish to the rest of the song.

I wanted to make a beat that sounded similar to a marching band, so i made fast drums to give that sound.

I tried adding drums to my Hedwig's Theme motif, but the end product was not what I was hoping for. The beats in measure check block wasn't working properly for me (I was probably using it wrong), so I found it difficult to line everything up. I'm hoping that I'll be able to fix this in the future, because I think it'll sound nice if everything is lined up correctly.

I tried to use multiple different types of drums to create a more full sound. I still could not make it sound as full as I wanted and I feel like there are some gaps.

Really cool theme choice! I liked that you chose a theme not in 4/4 time – it makes it stand out a lot. I do think it causes some trouble with your drums though, because you have your drum beats laid out in groups of 4 when the theme is in 3. If you just get rid of those extra beats it should line up perfectly. Otherwise, great job getting the theme down in a tricky time signature.

My project uses a jazzy style chord progression I found playing on piano. A lot of the heavy lifting on the mids and lows come from the piano which I could refine for a followup to this project, maybe delegating those chords to a cello track or a low electric guitar. I was going to go for a more complex drum beat and time signature, but I found that these chords work nicely with something simple. I think I was able to make up for it with an interesting melodic pattern that scales down with the chords.

I love this! Great instrumentation especially with the drums making them change to accommodate each section. Also super impressive that everything stays so neatly in time with each other.

I used another motif I made from the animation project and added some simple beats in the back since I didn't want to take away from the lightness of the actual music.

I like how you made the last two beat sync up with the music rather than continue the beat, I think it's fun when rhythm switches up in music and combines what usually are two different elements.

This sounds amazing, everything meshes really well together

This is my new chord progression and melody (still in progress). This progression is not very original, and I can identify it in many pop songs, but I think it sounds nice and will give me a good base to work on the melody.