Art & Music - Module 5 (Spring 2023)

This module provides an opportunity to combine animated art with music:

I decided to make an animation of things you would see at a haunted mansion and added spooky music and other sounds

This is an animation of two friends running into each other and pondering what all the noise is about

I made a short animation about a chicken nugget that meets a broccoli and goes to space.

Cool animation! The organ is the perfect instrument for that spooky sound.

I made a short animation about a shark that misses its chance to eat a fish.

I really like the sounds that you made for the walking and chicken nugget blasting off sequences.

I wanted to create a story with the costumes provided. So, I came up with the concept of a boy dreaming of walking on a beach, but suddenly realizing there was a beach ball that kept following him, almost like dream turning into a nightmare.

I thought your animation was a funny and playful twist for the intimidating process of shark chase. I liked how it played into the jaws motif with the shark.
I tried to recreate a dance-battle look.

I love your animation! I like how the ghost is also transparent.

I made an animation where each costume switches based on the current notes playing in the motif I created; and for each costume I also added a little movement/animation to go along with the note.

This animation was very creative!

I love the different characters all dance! Cool animation!

My Christmas-themed gingerbread animation!

It is so cool how you were able to make the jingle bells sound! All the little characters also adds to the Christmas feeling

This is a animation recreation of the pacman game with out any of the game mechanic. This simply demonstrates the movement of Pacman with interatinons with the map, a ghost, and the fruit, with accompying music.

I love the aesthetics and the music really reminds me of a haunted mansion

This is so good and it looks just like the game. I can get over how well you made it mimic game mechanics! The use of different costumes makes the movement so impressive.
I made an animation based on a pirate theme. I used the theme from The Secret of Monkey Island as a basis for my background music. I then animated the pirate and palm tree to dance to the music while the parrot flies back and forth across the stage.