Art & Music - Module 5 (Fall 2022)

This module provides an opportunity to combine animated art with music:

For Assignment 6, I created an outdoor background accompanied by three characters which are "dancing" to the musical motif I created. For Assignment 4, I created an animated Keith Haring design which was very helpful. I was able to use some of, and at least the logic of, the code used for this previous assignment to help me animate the characters. I wanted to create life and movement to the still characters so I tried to create the effect of the three animals walking onto the stage by combining animation and sound effects. When the musical motif plays, I have each of the three characters jumping up and down, each also having unique movement features to make the piece come alive more (the moving ears and skirt of the bunny, the moving arms and legs of the bear, and the moving mouth and tail of the lizard).

For this assignment I wanted to create music to an action that represents fast movement. I also wanted mix sports with music so I decided to use the motion of a tennis ball with fast paced music that would give an adrenal rush while watching and a constant movement for the eyes that the music helps to guide with as well.

I really like the aesthetic created with the mushrooms and the moving characters. It gives me a feeling of comfort and nostalgia when I watch it especially with the music in the background adding to it.
For this assignment, I drew a trumpet playing my motif. I had the pistols move up and down for each note in my motif. I also decided last minute to add the noise symbol at the end of the trumpet that flashes on and off for each note of the motif.

This is a really cool animation. I like how different characters and aesthetic. It reminds me of the teletubbies a little bit. Good job!

For my week 6 assignment, I programed a stick figure to dance along to a motif I created while the background changed to the beat. I first had the stick figure do a silly little intro and then had the figure do a disco-like dance while the background changed color every note. I also randomly placed transparent white dots to emulate disco ball lights.

@zta9cq wow this assignment is too cute! I love all the instances of movement you added like the clouds gliding by in the background and the little feet, arms, ear, skirt, tail and eye movements. These little details really brought the animation to life. I love it! Good job!

I really liked the idea of creating the moving instrument for this project. It really seamlessly combines the two aspects of a sound and visual motif together. I love the pistols going up and down because it created a very smooth and almost liquid movement effect. The noise symbol also really tied the piece together in relating music and image.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks Here is my week 6 project! I really enjoyed being able to implement an original composition this week.

This is my week 6 assignment, my creation process is in my notes.

This is my week 6 assignment, the notes for my project are in the project notes.
Snap! Music (

I really appreciated the dissonance in your work, it was a fantastic artistic choice, I am personally a Star Wars fan as well as a medieval fan. The mix of the two went really well together.

This is my week 6 assignment, my method and process are in my notes.

I really like your animation of your piece and how the buttons move with the sound! great job!
For my week 6 project, I animated a little frog family. My roommates helped me with the sound recordings and I tried to make the instrument choice for the musical motiffs reflect the swamp setting.

I loved this project! Your artwork is fantastic and I love how you animated them - it really looks like they're dancing. The movement of the clouds and mushrooms was a nice touch too, and I like how it looks aesthetically.

For this week, I chose to do my own rendition of Kanye West’s song “Runaway.” The original is in a higher octave and at a much slower bpm, but I decided to lower it and speed it up a bit to go along with my Kanye animation. The background is a still from the actual music video, and the piano resembles the one that Kanye plays in that video. My mini Kanye hops along the piano keys with the beat, and for each note, he either hops forward or backwards. After clicking the flag, the program will automatically initialize TuneScope. Then, my “Play Runaway” and “Kanye Hops” blocks will play simultaneously. On the last note, Kanye decides to make a dramatic exit off of the piano.

So cute! I like how each frog had it's own little theme song, and of course the voices were a great touch. The baby frog catching the fly was a cool addition to the end.

This is what I added to my original project for Assignment 7 to synchronize the music with the movement. I wanted to play around the ways I could do this so I synchronized the notes of the motif to each character switching off, and then they all jump to the music together after. I also wanted to add a more clear ending so I added the walking off of the characters at the end of their performance and the bear peaking back in. I had a lot of fun drawing the different costumes of the sprite to simulate this animation of walking.