Art & Music: Module 2

Here is the second module in the spring Art & Music course:

This module explores creation of art in the style of Mark Rothko. Rothko was an American abstract painter who explored color usage through his artwork. His signature colorfield paintings depict irregular and rectangular areas, known as multi-forms, that encouraged color contemplation and appreciation.

If you wish to explore creation of art in this style, and post a link to your project in this strand, we'll create a postcard using your art if you like and mail it to you. We'll look forward to seeing your artistic creations.


Hi, here is a link to my Rothko-inspired art piece:

To make the design, I used four costumes with different colors, sizes, and rotations. I then overlapped some of these bars into a design I found appealing.

Hey Ryan,

I like your design and the colors that you went with. It looks like you blended two of Rothko's pieces. I like how the two different sides come together to make something unique.

Hey everyone, here is my Rothko-inspired art piece:

I made this design by picking out four different colors and making them into costumes, then stamping them into patterns/designs on my stage. I focused on making the bars align in a way that would make different shapes that could be interpreted in a lot of different ways.

I like both the idea of organizing shapes and colors so that one can interpret them in many ways, and the way this has been achieved in this piece.

The colors seem to blend very well in your piece and the dark central block surrounded by a ring of unique designs is very interesting to look at it.

I really like the way your colors compliment each other and how there is a big contrast of light and dark. I get technology/microchip vibes from your piece and I like it.

Here is my Rothko-inspired design:

I made it by making some bars of varying sizes but of similar colors as costumes and then pasting them evenly around the stage, starting with the biggest bars first and then I added any extra bars to fill in empty space.

Here is a link to my Rothko-inspired art:

I started with many different colors of rectangles and squares and I made a pattern across the screen and filled in the white spots until it was all covered.

Here is a link to my Rothko-inspired art!

I had a great experimenting with color as well as rotation and size of the bars that I created. I really enjoyed Sherry's design. I loved the angles that she used with her blocks as well as the muted tones that she included.

Hello, this is my Rothko-inspired piece:

My background layer was me playing around with colors and creating the rectangular pattern using layering and different sizes. The white and black bar layering was an experiment to see what design I could make with smaller rectangles.

I really loved the angles and the muted tones in your design!!

hi, here are my designs. I made five color blocks of different colors and sizes and overlapped them together.

this is super cool~!

Hi! This is my Rothko-inspired piece!

I used five different solid colored bars to create my design, rotating and layering them on top of each other in an abstract pattern. I added a few yellow rectangles because I thought they brought an interesting look to the design. The colors I chose were more muted. Additionally, I chose not to fill my canvas completely, because I enjoyed seeing the white space contrast with the different colors.

Hi everyone, this is my Rothko inspired piece:

I used 3 different solid colored bars of different sizes for my design, rotating and layering them as shown above to create an aesthetically pleasing abstract design. I intentionally left lots of white space to make the piece feel more spacious and dreamlike. The cooler colors were chosen to make the piece more calming, with the occasional golden-yellow to capture attention.

Hello everyone! For my Rothko inspired piece, I wanted to make the digital design look as much like a real painting as I knew how to. I layered rectangles on top of each other, often in different directions. This created a "loose brushstroke" sort of effect. The colors are warm based with the darkest color directly in the center of the painting. I hope you enjoy it!

this is so amazing !

Hi everyone! Here is my Rothko inspired art!

I had a lot of fun playing around with the sprite costumes and learning how to create art with stamps. I used for inspiration on color combos. I really wanted to make sure that the colors I picked complimented each other with this piece.

Here is a link to my Rothko-inspired art piece:!

To make this design, I created 6 costumes. I used a color pallet website to make 5 sunset-inspired blocks and stamped them horizontally. I then created a cactus costume and stamped it four times over one of the block costumes to add my own flair to it (as I really enjoy saguaro cacti).