Art & Music - Module 2 (Spring 2023)

Here's a link to the second module, Exploring Color: Creating Art in the Style of Rothko:

Work out a design that appeals to you by initially placing blocks by hand (as demonstrated in the video for this module). Then automate the process with a script.
I was inspired by the album cover art for Duster's Stratosphere as I felt like it conformed to Rothko's color field style and it is one of my favorite albums.

I first blocked out the 3 main colors and later created procedures to recreate the blocks with more detail by drawing an outline and then using the fill tool. This allowed me to create more detailed curves and shapes. I also wanted to recreate the brush strokes and color mixing seen in Rothko's work so I made procedures to add some lines with slightly different shades of colors to get a similar effect. I made these procedures very customizable so that I could re-use the procedure in different positions with different size and length.

wow, i like it!

I wanted to create a similar color field as the one in the make to learn document, specifically with the final black and white blocks. I first created the background and then made a few color blocks to layer on top. I stamped them first by hand then created three code blocks to evenly space and stamp the differently color bars.

I like the abstractness of it!

I was inspired by the black and white hypnotic swirl but wanted to make it look like a more optimistic, abstract Rothko painting. I made a rectangular fan that swirled and for each time it changed color (after loading one of the blocks from the library) I turned it 15 degrees to add effect

This is inspired by my favorite color blue and the golden ratio.

I like the color palette and the circles at the end!

Here is my attempt to recreate Vir Heroicus Sublimis! I wanted to make it look as similar as possible given that the canvas dimensions are square. I created the background and then made all the lines the same colors to mimic the art!

This is really neat! I like how there is a small circle design in the center after the art is finished!

The design of this project is based on the recreation of Rothko's artwork with a different color palette vision and a personal addition with the (attempted) spinning fan shapes.

I really liked how you integrated the Golden Ratio into your project! It seems to be a very intricate and detail oriented design.

The inspiration for this project was wanting to make a country flag so I picked the Polish Flag. I started by making a solid rectangle that would quickly make the flag and used an RGB color block to get the exact shade of red that is used in the flag.

Wow I also really like the color blue!

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This is my attempt

Wow! This looks just like Vir Heroicus Sublimis! I like how your recreation has a higher saturation so the lines are more pronounced and visible. I thought the original only had two vertical lines but turns out there's many more.

I saw Clyfford Still's PH-971 and thought it looked pretty funky, so I tried making something that looked like it with constrained randomness using many rectangles, but it turned out a little strange so I added vertical lines of varying colors for a color field-ish look.

I think you recreated the original work really well and the color choice worked out perfectly! The way you made the code blocks made it very readable and easy to follow the process you did.