Art & Music: Module 2 (Fall 2023)

Here's a link to the second module, Exploring Color: Creating Art in the Style of Rothko:

Work out a design that appeals to you by initially placing blocks by hand (as demonstrated in the video for this module). Then automate the process with a script.

In my drawing I aimed to incorporate depth into the picture by using drop shadows on every shape, as well as layering the shapes in an order that gives a greater feel of depth. I think by putting some of the blue shapes behind the white line and some in front, it gives you a feeling that some parts of the drawing are closer to you, even though it is still 2D.
I had trouble automating the drawing efficiently as I was still trying to get a grasp on the stamp and pen trails features, so I'm sure my code still has room to be streamlined.

I wanted to create something that resembled a sunset on the ocean. I don't know if someone would say sunset when they look at my project, but all the colors I chose are inspired by a sunset on the water. I really struggled with getting the blocks to be in the place I wanted them, especially since I kept forgetting that I had the pen down. I figured it out in the end though.

The color palette was supposed to be like cotton candy but now it looks more like a vaporwave theme.
I'm still getting used to the stamp function and using the pen trail into my code so that part is missing, but I think if I spend more time with this I can change it. I think if I stop accidentally clicking clear and losing all my progress that will make things much easier.

module 2 (draft)

I was playing around with complementary colors, and decided to try something with blues and oranges. It ended up becoming a little more inspired by reality than I was originally going for, and I might try to make it more abstract, because as of right now it looks very much like a sunset on the ocean. I enjoyed creating all the blocks so that I could create the whole scene with the click of a button, but I kept getting confused by the multitudes of different blocks that I had. I think I need to get better at naming them, but I'd really like it if there was a way to color-coordinate them.

This is my draft mimicking some of the Rothko type bar art.

I honestly just wanted to play around with a random block pattern and experiment with different colors for this project. I kept it fairly simple because I was having trouble understanding the script process. In the beginning, I couldn't figure out how to create a block and automate it, but after looking at another classmate's project, I realized that you had to make the block through pen trails first and then stamp it through script. I was overthinking the process a lot, but once I figured it out, I found it a lot simpler in creating organized code. With that being said, however, I did use a different scripting process than others because I couldn't figure out how to create the "make a bar" block with inputs of height and width. I was able to work around this, but for next week, I want to utilize this to simplify my code even more.

Used a line and rectangle pattern to create this pattern. I'd like to go back and find a way to make the white line in the middle more "squiggly" in the future.

I'd like a lot of short vertical rectangles to resemble petals! Maybe some sleek horizontal lines to keep the visual focus on the vertical short rectangles with a sense of layering like Rothko's number 19. There's also his typical solid colored backdrop.

I have code to make rectangles by way of flat edge and thick lines with variables to adjust them for reuse. There are sliders for every aspect of the painting's color!

This is a rough start, will finalize more stuff later, wanted to paint a warm picture though.

I wanted to work with pastel colors in my project, so I set my brightness to 100 and saturation a little bit less so I could achieve that palette of colors. I created multiple double horizontal and vertical bars that I stamped around the stage. My horizontal bars were made to look somewhat like intersecting steps, and with my last vertical bars, I experimented with stamping them in a zig-zag pattern. I also worked on letting user input dictate how many bars there would be for each costume, so each time the number input changes, a new image would be formed.

I really loved your design! I think the colors were very fun and bright, making the image pop out as a whole. I like how you used different brightnesses for your vertical bars as it gives it more depth, something that I was struggling to work with for a bit. One piece of feedback I'd give is that for your block definitions, maybe make smaller procedures for each part so it is easier to read and see what steps are happening throughout. Otherwise, I really like your work!

I really like your design, and I liked your color choices, especially with the pastel shades. I think it would be cool if you brought out the thin vertical lines that are on the right side. Because they're thin, it's harder to see them, so I think moving them to the front layer would make your art even cooler.

Super cool! I really enjoy being able to adjust the colors while I'm looking at it. Also, the design itself is really nice with multiple layers of objects, but not too many that it gets crowded. My one suggestion would be maybe adding a button to have the colors return to their default, as there isn't a way to do that beyond completely reloading the page.

For this project, I tried incorporating wider blocks to make windows and backgrounds. This image tries to depict a house and a staircase with a few windows. I have a custom script inside that dictates the amount of stairs as well as their spacing within reasonable measures. This includes the underside of the staircase, the main plank, and the sides. I also added some custom sound effects I made that are randomly selected to make it a little more fun to watch.

I thought it would be cool to use light cool colors in my pattern. The code is a little repeatative so it didn't take me to long to get the hang of it.

I think your project is really good looking and well made. I like how the lines look like they are being drawn when they come in, rather than just appearing out of nowhere. I also like that you used diagonal lines in the drawing, I think that add's another dimension to the picture. My only criticism would be to use "move 600 steps" instead of repeating 100 steps 6 times, but they already mentioned that in class.

This is a really cool design, very unique!

I really like your project, the colors all work well together and I think your code is consolidated so it's not too long or confusing. One thing I might improve on is maybe adding more depth on your elements so it looks a bit more complex, or maybe other shapes as we learn more about the pen function.