Art & Music - Module 11 (Spring 2023)

This week, we are exploring game design in Snap!.

I recreated the google dinosaur run game. The game starts when you press the green arrow. Your goal is to jump and duck over the obstacles to get the hi-score. Controls are:
Space - Big Jump
Up Arrow - Small Jump
Down Arrow - Duck

My attempt at creating the snake game! Still needs some work on the clones. I created the snake art myself!

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks This is my attempt at Bloxor! I still need to figure out how to make the box move with the arrows but aside from that I believe I have the code for everything down!

I recreated a 2 player pong game. Player 1 is on the left and controlled by the A and D keys, while Player 2 is on the right and controlled by the left and right arrow keys. You gain a point when the opposing player fails to bounce the ball back. The first player to reach 11 points wins!

I really like the art that you made for the snake! Makes it look a bit more realistic hehe.

I made one level of my game, which consists of the player (alanso) and balls in its way from the end goal

I really loved playing this game, even played it with my roommate
I recreated the breakout game. Start the game with the green flag, launch the ball with space and move the paddle with left and right arrow keys.

What a fun game! The movement is very smooth.

I tried to make a snood game but I still need to figure out how to delete the item when it touches!

I recreated Doodle Jump, but instead of going vertical, it moves horizontally. This is still a work in progress to make the movements smoother and add in additional elements.

This is my attempt at frogger. There are some project notes already, but I wanted to mention that I am still working on getting some of the timing right with my wait statements.

I really like the beginning animation that sets up the blocks!

It is still a work in progress, for some reason some black lines are not affected while others do make you restart. Use the a,w,s,d keys to move. Once the mouse gets the cheese it wins and do not touch black lines

I really like how the frog jump matches with the game that I played before!

I love the visuals!!

I like the animations and how you illustrated the setting!

I love the design and it is just like the real dinosaur game. Great job!!

I have updated my game project to fix bugs, add clarity and tune the gameplay experience. I was able to fix the lack of collision detection on the bird sprite and tuned the bird to spawn lower, adding the element of ducking to the gameplay. I also created code blocks for almost every procedure that runs, making my code more concise and readable. To this end I also added project notes that explains the function of each code block. Finally I slowed down some of the game sprites and changed their spawn distances in order to make the game slightly easier while still remaining quite challenging.