Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 9

  1. Use the TuneScope “Play Tracks” block to create a backing track accompanied by a melody.

  2. Then add at least one accompanying drum track using the methods described in Module 9 (Building a TuneScope Drum Machine):

    Module 9 – Make to Learn

  3. Post a comment in the Snap! forum with an explanation of the music that you created, including a link to the TuneScope program:

Here is my mod 9 project. For this module I used my mod 7 melody, and I worked on the drum track with the class. Since what we worked on in class, I changed my code to make it clearer. I seperated the violin noted so that each measure is a list, and changed the quarter half note pairs into dotted halves.

Here is my week 11 project (module 9). I used the same track that I made in module 8, but added a couple drum tracks. I decided to add a bass drum, mid tom, and the open hi-hat. I played around with what part of the beat each component of my drum track should be on.

Here is my week 11 assignement. For the backing track and melody, I used the one I created for my week 9 assignment and then added a bass drum, snare drum, and an open hi-hat to accompany. I created this drum melody during class last week and was interested in seeing how it sounded if played with the melody and background track I created for week 9.

Cool piece! I liked the way you incorporated the drums and how it doesn't overtake the melody but also you can hear its prominence whenever the melody hits a rest.

Here is my Week 11 project. I added a bass drum on each beat to emphasize the rhythm of the beat I was attempting. Then, I added a both on-beat and slightly off-beat snare to add some interesting sounding secondary rhythm as well.

I like how this one turned out. The drum track sounds nice, and was the focus of the piece.

Here is a link to my week 11 assignment. I wanted to build on my previous weeks assignment this week, so I used the backing track and melody that I created for the Week 10 assignment here as well. I then added a variety of bass tracks to this, selecting to use the bass drum, the mid tom, and the open hi hat for accompanying tracks. I selected rhythms for each of the drum tracks that I thought meshed well with the melody I was using for this assignment until I was pleased with how everything sounded together.

Here is a link to my project for Assignment 11. I started out with the chord progression, then I added a melody consisting of keys from A major in a couple different octaves. Then, I added a bass drum track followed by the snare and open hi-hat.

Here is my week 11 assignment. I used my melody and backtrack from week 10 and I built a drum sequence into it. I ended up using four different drums that only played once each on the 8 count in order to create a good balance in the music.

I like how up beat your music is! It feels like something you could swing dance to.

Here is my week 11 assignment, I started by adding my bass drum and then added two more drum sequences in.

Here is the link to my assignment for the week. I wanted to expand upon my previous melody as I saw a lot of potential for it, and ended up adding a bass drum, snare drum, and open-hi-hat. Trying to synchronize these with the melody was difficult but I played it by ear.

Your drum track works really well with the melody you created! I like how you adjusted the volumes of the different instruments, which is something I should definitely incorporate in my project.

Here is my week 11 assignment. I decided to use my melody and backtrack from my week 9 assignment, because I liked it a lot, and built a drum pattern. I used three different drums, which were the snare, the bass drum, and the mid tom. I like the way that these three sound together, which is why I decided to use them.

I like your sound a lot! Specifically the way that the snare drum aids in carrying the melody, and the way the bass drum sounds in the background.

Week 11 Assignment

This is my week 11 assignment. With this assignment, I used my week 10 assignment as the base because it worked out perfectly for this one. I liked the tune I was able to make with this set of blocks and I thought it was catchy and unique.

I really liked how your tune sounded! It was cool how you implemented a nursery rhyme song and were able to basically get the same tune out of it from your set of blocks.