Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 7

Complete the activities for Module 7 (Musical Notes and Scales):

After completing the explorations listed in the text document for the module and watching the accompanying videos,

  1. Create a scale progression in TuneScope to create several measures of an original song in either a major scale or a minor scale.

  2. Then create a melody to accompany the scale progression using notes from the same scale.

  3. Use the “Play Tracks” code block to combine the melody track and scale progression track.

Here is my Week 9 project. I used the C Major, F Major, and G Major scale sequence as my backing track. I then used notes from the C Major scale to compose a fitting melody.

Here is a link to my Week 9 Assignment. I used notes from the C major scale in the fourth octave to create a melody, and then created an accompanying track in the C major scale in the second octave to create a background track for the melody.

I like the upbeat, quick tempo of your piece. The choice of the violin and piano also goes nicely together, nice work!

Here is my week 9 assignment. I used a progression of the C major scale to the D major scale back to the C major scale and then the backward C major scale in the 4th Octave for my major sequence. I then created a melody using various quarter notes until I made a melody I liked.

Really nice track! I like how it's a slower piece and how the violin and cello you used come together.

Here is my project for mod 7. I wanted to use a D minor scale for the main melody and the chord progression. The main melody briefly goes into E minor, but returns to D minor. I had trouble lining up the time signature, and plan to revisit this to fix the errors. Is there a way to make a dotted quarter? The music lines up better with a 3/4 time signature, but I want the cello to be playing for a full measure instead of playing a half and a quarter note.

I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread, so I need to change the paragraph slightly to be allowed to post this so I am typing this extra stuff at the end here.

This is cool because it sounds very complex. It sounds like I am playing an 8-bit game and the characters are running through a trail to get to their next destination. The progression in the back sounds like their footsteps!

Week 9 Assignment
This is my week 9 assignment where I used the 4th octave but in different major scales. I liked the end product of my assignment because the melody it created was really catchy. I also included the instruments I liked the most which are why I liked doing this assignment.

I really liked how your final project sounded. It seems like you only used string instruments and I wish I did that instead of using a wide variety of instruments. Great track!

Here is my project for the week 9 assignment. For my code, the entire section is in the C major scale. I did this because I wanted the tune to be happy and simple, resembling a video game audio. I used the ukulele for the melody to achieve this, and the electric guitar as the backing track.

I love the melody you created and the overall rhythm is really complex! Great job.

Here is my week 9 project, I used created a very spooky tune for the Halloween season by using a slower bpm and lower octaves.

I love how up beat and fun your project is!

Here is my week 9 project. I played around with different notes and instruments to create my tune. I also played around with the tempo to create my desired tune.

Here is my project for week 9, I used longer notes for the backing track played by an organ to make it more distinctive.

Here is the link for my week 9 assignment. I used the A# Major Scale as my backing track, and then created a melody by using notes from the same scale. I chose this scale because I have a little bit of a musical background, and this was always one of my favorite scales to play.

I really like your sound! It was very upbeat and had an overall happy feel to it. I can see that you put in a lot of work, and I think you did a great job overall!

Here is a link to my project for Week 9 assignment. I used a list of 4 notes out of the C4 scale for the piano scale progression. I also used a triad from the C4 for the cello scale progression. I named it Getting Spooky because this sounds like something that would play during the rising action of a horror plot.