Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 6

The sixth module in this fall's Art & Music series is: "Sampling Music."

Here is a link to the module:

Here is a link to my week 7 assignment. I decided to use the animated art from last week in order to synchronize the sprite's movements to the notes I was playing. I took a C4 note from the piano and I changed the hertz of the note in order to play different notes and create music.

Here is my week 7 assignment. For this assignment, I took a C4 note made from striking my metal water bottle with a metal straw, and then manipulated the note to be C4, B4, or A4 in my project. I synchronized this with an animation of raindrops falling down to strike metal buckets and they all play different notes once they are strick.

Really cool project! The animated flower is really cool and I like how you manipulated the hertz with the "hertz" variable to change the sound being produced.

Here is my project for Week 7. I used a C4 note from the piano and played around with the hertz to create an ascending chord as a jump sound. I synchronized the jump audio for every time the cat jumps down. The animation aspect involved two parts: changing the cat sprites at the right time intervals and the cat's movements.

I love how creative your project is! The animation is really neat and coordinates well with the sounds you made.

I love your animation and it synchronization with the music. Great work with the costume changing and movement in the animation.

Here is a link to my week 7 assignment. I used the C4 note from an electric piano to my this tune. I aimed to synchronize the movements of the instruments with the music, so that it appeared each instrument was "playing" the music as it moved to the front of the stage and grew larger in sync with the notes.

Week 7 Assignment

This is the link to my week 7 assignment and what influenced it was how in middle school, I played percussion so I decided to make a drum-based image. I had fun making this assignment because, with one sound, I made three different sounds, and I was somewhat able to make a tune with it. Overall, one of my favorite assignments yet!

Here is my week 7 assignment. My 2 second audio clip was take from the xylophone. I choose to go up the scale using notes C4, E4, G4 and then make down. Once I created my sound it reminded me of fairytales so I decided to use a castle as my background and a magic carpet as my animated sprite.

I love your audio! I think it was very creative and unique that you only had one sample but were able to make multiple sounds from it. They went together well.

I actually really liked your assignment! I thought your design was really creative! Especially the notes, I thought they sounded great! Great Job

I know this is late, but here is my project. I struggled sampling my music to make it sound good, so I ended up just using the given sample sounds and using those to sample. Here is my project. I was inspired by this youtube channel called whistle graph here, where they draw things with a tune. So I did a simple one with making a puzzle piece, where the notes go up and down according to how the pen is drawing. I was really struggling with getting it to draw and play at the same time, so the animation is a little off sync

is my project called Mario. Mario is mad that Toad cheated in Mario cart, so he is hitting him with a hammer. To do this, I sampled my ukulele on a C, and changed the frequency in Hz. C at 22050 hz is the hammer hitting toad and the C at 44100 and 96000 hz is toad crying.

I love this one! It is very well coordinated and the meow at the end is very cute. Reminds me of a game that I would play on my gameboy

I really like your project!! It really does remind me of the opening of a Disney movie/ soundtrack. Great job on the code too, it looks really functional and neat.

This is my project for week 7. I tried playing with the tempo of the notes played by the piano so that they would match the percussion sound I recorded. The tempo in addition to the bells give me an eerie vibe.

Here is my week 7 assignment. I used an audio clip from a guitar where I strummed three different notes. I played the same note but changed it so that it was on different octaves, and then incorporated images from mario to complete my project

I like this idea a lot!!! I also did a mario one and I think you did a great job incorporating sounds and animations together.

Here is a link to my Week 7 Assignment. This animation was inspired by a scripture in Ephesians that talks about putting on our armor against the evils of the world.