Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 5

The fifth module in this fall's Art & Music series is: "Animated Art." Here is a link to the module:

Here is a link to my animated art. I decided to create an animation of a tea pot boiling and pouring into a tea cut. I used sounds I found and edited them in audacity. I then added them to the animation at the correct time. I made the visual by manipulating different sprites. The hardest part was getting the water pouring from the tea pot to move in the way I wanted it to.

Here is my project for this week which I've titled "playing your DS at your field trip to the orchestra", because as I was working on this and playing around with the various things in snap, I realized that this summoned up this moment.I got the sprites from open emoji an online creative commons emoji database and the music from another open source database. I feel like I'm just a few steps away from making this an actual game, but I'm still struggling with the move to pointer and the logic on that running smoothly.

Here is the link for my week 6 project. For my animated piece of art, I chose to replicate a pac-man game, but, instead of playing the game, you just watch pac-man randomly glide around the screen eating fruit. There is the classic pac-man chomping sound playing as he moves across the screen, and whenever he eats a fruit, a sound effect is played as well. Fruits are randomly generated and whenever pac-man eats one, another one is randomly generated somewhere else on the screen.

Here is the link to my project. It is a car zooming by on a race track. The original audio of the crowd cheering that I wanted to use was too big, and I had to crop it because snap said my file was too large. I plan to add more cars zooming around the track at different speeds, but I am afraid of having too large of a file again. By the time that you see this, I might have added a second car.

This is a really good project that is wonderfully animated! In particular, I really like the steam animation and how you used the change size effect to imitate steam being emitted. A really creative piece!

This one is really cool, there is clearly a lot of effort put into this, and your code looks very clean!

Here is a link to my week 6 assignment. It is of a bee flying around to different flowers that I animated as if they were blowing around in a breeze. Both of them synchronize to the music which iterates through each time you press the space bar. I originally wanted to have "Flight of the Bumblebee" play, but I had the same problem as other students seemed to have where my sound file was too big. Therefore, I reverted to the tocatta soundtrack that we were given to accompany my animation.

This is a really cool idea that I think you executed really well! I was very impressed by the synchronizing of the various pac man noises with the movement around the stage and the way you had him "eating" fruit and having new fruit generate as he would eat other pieces.

This is a very interesting and creative project! I love how it has a game feel to it.

Here is the link to my animated art project for week 6. My goal was to create an interesting animated design that resembles a clock, but is more abstract and really draws the viewer in. To do this, I drew several circle sprites with varying linear designs and had them overlap each other. The outer layer is a cut-up circle that pulls together the design. I added a spin block to have them rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise. Finally, the sound effects really pull together the animated design and its hypnotic appeal together. The soundtrack consists of a mysterious sound that fades in and out and a more concrete ticking sound to resemble the clock.

I love you how perfectly synchronized the car moving with the sound of the car!

Here is my Week 6 Assignment. In this project I used the strategies that we learned in class to create flying bats that show themselves in sync with the music. I used the spinning and drifting code in class to create a flying effect. I also used the broadcast functionality to tell each of the bats when to come into the Stage in sync with the toccata.

I like how you filled the screen with the numbers, it created a cool, irregular background. Also, your choice of music for the motion you create in your art fits well. Nice job!

Here is the link to my animated art project. I choose to use hand drawn stars as my costumes that floated around while changing colors. I also added an audio that reflected "twinkling" sound.

This is a very fun and colorful project! I like how you chose to make the flowers spin. You did a great job making a realistic situation look animated.

Here is the link to my animated art project. I decided to use one of my favorite tv shows of all-time, Spongebob Squarepants, and used their audio voices. Whenever a character was speaking, I increased their size by a factor of 30, and when they finished it reduced back to its original size. Overall I had a lot of fun working on this assignment!

I really like how the bats change colors, disappear for a brief second, and then reappear in a random spot. I think you did a great job utilizing a variety of elements that we have learned thus far, and I think your finished product looks great!

Week 6

Here is the link to my week 6 assignment. I used the Car's theme because this was my favorite movie when growing up and I thought it would bring back some old memories. The sounds I used were the character's catchphrases or the most memorable line in the movie which I thought would spice this assignment up a little rather than just using car noises like horns. This has been my favorite assignment I have done so far in this class!

I really liked what you did with your assignment! It put a smile on my phase because Spongebob is such a classic show and seeing you animate it for this assignment was a great idea. Great Job Abbey!