Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 3

The third module in this fall's Art & Music series is: "Creating Art in the Style of Jackson Pollock." Here is a link to the module:

Here is my art work created in the style of Jackson Pollock. I coded this by creating modules that produced a dot of a certain size, moved to a random part of the screen, and chose a random color (saturation, transparency, and brightness) based on hues that I gave it. I then produced dots that are random sizes, colors, and position. I also created a module that displays a "splatter" pattern. I did this by creating dots that got smaller to emulate what a splatter looks like in real life.

Here is a link to my week 4 assignment regarding the creation of an impressionist painting via Snap!. My goals for this assignment were to create art inspired by the style of Pollock that was unique and aesthetically appealing. In order to achieve this, I used randomly placed dots and lines of varying sizes, colors, shapes, and orientations. Picking color palettes for this, I aimed to find a variety of blues and purples, with a more scarce selection of yellow and pink as well to add variety and play off of the blues and purples. Due to the randomness I introduced into my design, the design changes slightly each time the code is run.

Here is my week 4 assignment. I fully embraced the randomness of Pollack and used the that to guide not only the color, but the color that the shape fills, the number of sides of the shape etc. I was trying to make it so that if certain colors touched each other you would get other colors, (kinda like when you actually physically paint how the colors mix). But I wasn't able to get the exact effect I wanted, but it still looked cool! I really liked the randomness of the colors, so I didn't want to make too much of a palette of colors. However, in my code, I essentially have created a list of colors that if that color gets selected it overrides it, so you could play around if desired.

I love how creative your design is! I especially like the lines connecting to the dots as they really bring the splatter effect together and create a lot of interest in the design.

Here is the link to my week 4 assignment created in the style of the artist Jackson Pollock. I was particularly inspired by his vibrant use of color and variation of design size and shape. My design process involved first creating a procedure "Stack Circle" which overlaps 10 circles to make the circle more interesting. To achieve Pollock's colorful effect, I additionally utilized warm and cool color palette contrasts by creating a warm inner-circle and cooler outer-circle. I created further variations in design with a random change in transparency and size each time the program is run.

This is a really pretty piece of art! I love the combination of colors used, and how the variations in transparency make the design have an almost 3D look to it. Also, I really enjoy the "splatter" pattern that you mixed into your design; it provides a very unique touch to the designs created using your code.

I love how much this artwork looks like a party! I think the lines really add something and were a great idea.

This is my project for week 4. I was inspired by the style of Jackson Pollock, I was really trying to have vibrant colors in my palette in order to contrast the background. To achieve this I used a cold color palette with a warm red background, I achieved some randomness by changing the size and color of the dots that are in the painting.

I really like this piece! Specifically, I really like how you used the ghost effect to randomly assign the transparency of the dots. That, in combination with the great color palette, really makes this piece interesting.

Here is my week 4 assignment. With this assignment, I used the methods used in class to imitate the type of art created by Jackson Pollock. I played around with different combinations of randomly drawing circles and lines and I, eventually, saw a combination that I really liked and saw it resembled fish traveling down a stream. I changed the background and added a filter to further convey this theme and bring more life to the overall piece.

I really liked the design that you made because I felt like it stood out from the other assignments and was different. It looks really cool especially with the colors that you chose!

Week 4 Assignment

This is a link to my week 4 assignment where we had to create art in the style of the artist Jackson Pollock. My goal on what I wanted to do with this assignment was to create something unique that caught the viewer's eyes so I decided to make the colors bright. After making polka dots and confetti, I mixed the two ideas together in a way and made them different sizes so it kind of had the splatter effect. Overall, this was a fun assignment to do!

I really love the color palette you used and the inclusion of yellow was a nice touch. Also, the choice to use random color and position allows for a new creative design each time which is nice!

Here is the link for my week 4 project which is in the style of Jackson Pollock. My artwork was inspired by the roller rink and arcade carpet patterns you often see. The solid black background and the color scheme resembled my inspiration. I randomly placed polka dots and confetti of different sizes in order to produce my design. The transparency was also randomized in order to create an overlapping effect.

Great project. I like how you code not only has random colors, but also draws random shapes, that is super cool. It's unfortunate that the color mixing didn't work out, it's a pretty ambitious thing to attempt in Snap. Regardless, it really does look like densely layered, Jackson Pollock style, splattered paint, awesome work!

Here is a link to my Week 4 project. The goal of this project was to create art in the style of Jackson Pollock. I achieved that style by creating code that would create a dot with a size parameter and a line with a length and direction parameter. Using these methods, my code randomly draws varying dots and lines to achieve the splattered paint look of Pollock. I used two sets of color palettes a: a warm color palette and a cool color palette. The dots were drawn with the cool colors and the lines were drawn with the warm colors. I also added some small black lines to add some contrast and set the background color to a muted light brown to simulate a canvas.

I like the color scheme and the transparency of this one. It is very bright and and well layered!

Here is the link to my project for this week. I wanted to make lines like jackson pollock's work, so I used randomization to make the lines wiggly and of different lengths. What makes my project different from Jackson Pollock's work is that I used the dots that we made in class to add extra dimension to mine!

I really like your design! The bright colors really stand out to me, and the confetti-like lines give it a very abstract feel. I like how you took inspiration from Jackson Pollock but also added your own twist.