Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 1

Week 2 Assignment
This is the link to my week 2 assignment. I kind of just played around with the circles that I started with in the beginning of class last week and it turned into Nanagons. Played around with it a little more and I got to my final product. I personally like it a lot and I think it looks cool.

Here is my project for week 2. I was inspired yet again by my Dungeons and Dragons campaign and wanted to replicate one of the symbols in it. I wasn't able to get a 1-to-1 match but it meets my satisfactions. I created it by playing with the sin function and rotating different directions.

Here is my project for week two, I wanted to experiment with the rotate and change color function to make something aesthetically pleasing. I think the end result is a pretty cool pattern!

Here is my project for week 2. I am still getting the hang of the coding orders, but I was inspired to post this by the simple works from Bathsheba Grossman, and by the simple designs we were making in class this past week. I decided to continue with multiple small patterns, and added in some variable shapes, as it was visually pleasing for me (especially for my limited skill set in snap!). The goal I had in mind was to create a project with various overlapping spirals, but that proved to be harder since I couldn't figure out the center of rotation. In the future, I want to utilize more of the color-changing options that are available so I might get a prettier end result. As a side note, the spiral that looks distorted was intentional, but ended up clashing a bit, so sorry about the gangly look!

[Here] is a link to my project. I was playing around with creating circles and ended making this cool design that reminded me of a dragon. I placed a sky in the background to drive this point home.