Art & Music - Capstone (Spring 2023)

Post your capstone project here. It should incorporate both art and music.

For my capstone project I decided to combine a majority of the techniques we used throughout the semester to make a visualizer to one of my favorite piano pieces. I transcribed and edited sheet music for the song Avril 14th by Aphex Twin. For the visualizer I decided to have a rain pattern that is slowly revealed as the background is filled with paint splatters. The finished product is supposed to show a storm over the night sky. This felt like it fit the mood of the song and took aspects from many of our previous modules.

I made a continuation of my game the hardest game on Snap, adding an additional level, and playing around with the circular movement of the sprites.

I added features to my snake game (detailed in project notes)!
I created a new game where players guide their mouse pointer through a maze without touching the obstacles or walls. I'm looking to add sound and improvements to the game in the future.

wow! the second and third levels are very challenging! the spinning and alignment of the sprites is very cool.

I refined the original game I recreated with the movements and added in more elements, like the moving alien, spikes, and stars.

Very fun, I like how it is interactive with the actual mousepad. Looking at the sprites, the maze looks intricate, really cool!

I updated my game to adjust the speed and frequency of obstacles based on how many frogs are across/ points you get. I also changed the start to a a space bar to make it easier to incorporate into the arcade.

I adjusted the game to move easier and use the arrows to move. I also added obstacles in some levels and added sounds when you hit the wall or get the cheese.

Added some more power-ups to my game and adjusted paddle movement to be more smooth. Still trying to figure out how to register only one player as obtaining the power-up.

wow this game is very cool. I like the map design that you used.

I'm continuing the game I started on. I want to add similar features to what the original game has. I added a counter tracker to show how many moves the player has done and I am currently working on adding sound effects and more levels.

I like the new addition! Very addicting to play

This game is really impressive and feels super refined and polished.

I added more fish to my game! I eventually want to add bigger fish that could eat Alonzo to make it harder and add different levels.

Wow! I like the game

You did a great job at this! I really struggled on the second level.

I updated the game to be played with a MIDI piano

In the original game, there is a palette that one has to collect in order to proceed to the next level. I recreated this effect with the apple in the game's new version