Art and Music (Fall 2021) - Art Project

For this assignment, create a art project of your own devising that builds upon and incorporates methods from any of the first five art modules:

Here is my Week 8 project. I liked the way that the tree code looked in the example I found on the class page so I wanted to use it in my project. I used that to create two trees which build opposite one another (one white, one colorful) to create some interesting patterns. I added a rising and falling C Major as well to bring out the dynamic nature of the tree movement and growth.

Here is my week 8 assignment. For this assignment, I built upon my module 3 project that randomly generated circles and lines to create the illusion of fish being in a stream, and built upon this to create a effect that resembles streamers hanging from a ceiling. Initially, I was going to make it so that my fish art became animated to show fish going down a stream, but as I was working on that effect, I created the animated streamers effect and I liked this one better, so I decided to take that route instead. I did this using the clone feature and I have the color of the streamers change every 5 seconds to add some variety.

I really like this project! All of the different patterns are interesting and I like the transition of how the tree was built up and, subsequently, how it shrunk back down. I, also, like how you implemented the rising and falling C Major to match that.

Nice, but since so many streamers appear at once, it makes Snap! run to a crawl.

Here is the link to my week 8 assignment. I really enjoyed our assignment regarding putting art and music together, so I wanted to build upon and improve my week 6 assignment for my project this week. To begin, I incorporated the Flight of the Bumblebee music into my piece. I then synchronized the movements of the bee with the music by incrementally speeding up the bee's movements as the speed of the music increased. I finally additionally made the movement of the flowers more randomized in order to look more realistic, and I also made the flowers grow larger as the music grew more dramatic. I feel that, all together, the visual and the music together create a very appealing piece of art.

I really enjoy the piece you have been able to create. I particularly like how you chose contrasting tree colors, and that the trees you create grows and then shrinks in time with the rising and falling of the music. Really cool piece!

Great project! I like how you put thought into every detail of the piece from the movement of the bee and the flowers to the connection of the movement with the music. Everything fits together very nicely, good work.

Here is my week 8 project. I really enjoyed our week 6 project on animation with sounds, so I created a new one based on that. In this one, I have three sprites, which causes events when they interact together. There is a hand that is randomly poking around the screen, but when it hits the sleeping cat in certain spots, the cat opens its eye and meows.

Here is the link to my Week 8 project. I enjoyed creating the pen designs in previous weeks, so I utilized the pen tool to draw and repeat many squares. I also wanted to bring more dimension to my art which was challenging. I ended up positioning the squares at overlapping coordinates to give it more dimension and appear 3D. Also, I was interested in creating more interactive designs so I allow the user to play around with the slider and alter the number of layers and transparency / blur effect.

Your project is really cute! I like how you were able to sync the audio with when the hand pokes the cat.

Here is my week 8 project. For this project, I drew a flower. The catch is that I have a piano note playing that is based on the direction of the turtle. To make sure the turtle is playing a note, I used the algorithm (direction % 72) so that the note number will always be less than 72. It has to be less than 72 because there were only 72 notes avaliable by default in snap. I organized my code into blocks based on shape, so feel free to look at the code in the different blocks!

I LOVE this!!! I also really liked the tree and wanted to incorporate it in my project, but I could not understand the code as well as you! This is so good!

Here is my week 8 project. For this project I wanted to build upon my week 4 assignment where we created art in the style of Jackson Pollock. I added an image of a clown, as well as sound, and made the program generate random designs and play a clown horn, while the clowns face pulsed. I liked how I was able to combine the different techniques we learned, and apply it to this new project.

I think this project is very unique. I love your sound choice, as well as the design and color scheme you used for your program. Overall, I think you did a great job!

Here is my Week 8 project. My favorite week was the impressionist project so i choose to base this project off of it. I made an impressionist painting of a garden that incorporated many bright colors. I also used some of the techniques we learned during animation week and added to bird sprites that drift around.

I like your project and the color palette you choose to use. The colors were bright and went very well together. The sound also was a great choice and went with your theme.

Here is the link to my art project. I wanted to create a compilation of some albums released the week of October 11-17. It came out pretty well, but one area of improvement would be making it recreate the images faster.

I really like your use of birds as the sprites to recreate this image. I enjoyed the choice of background, and the product was impressive.

Week 8 Assignment

For week 8's assignment, I incorporated the week 5 and 6 assignments to make something I thought was really cool. From week 5, I used the painted canvas, and then from week 6, I used the moving objects. I really liked how the final looked because I painted a beehive and it had the bees moving around in it.