"Area variables" block


This custom block works exactly how the 'script variables' block works, except the script variables can't be accessed outside of the area. :wink:

Interesting that you're able to get multiple-upvar inputs. How did you get that?
But by the way, this is incredible. :sunglasses:

This time, it wasn't modifying the code, I made the first input the slot type '112' (100 - multiple, 12 - upvar) by using set [slots] of block. :slight_smile:


What do you mean by this?


hel pme pls

Oh, I got it.
The 3 variables are hel, pme, and pls, which combined into helpmepls. It stands for Help me, please!.



Oh that's really clever! So, could I make List(unevaluated) that way? Would it actually work as desired?

Are you talking about making a multiple input Any (unevaluated) input? Or like an actual thing like List (unevaluated)?

Likely they mean a new List (unevaluated) input. Not an multi-any-unevaluated input, because:

I feel like people can make it, just not purely by input.

Like this?
untitled script pic (29)

I was expecting something more like (numbers 1 through 10)->(list[1][2][3][...][10])

In Snap! 10, in the Metaprogramming library, there's a blockify ⌸ block. That could make numbers from 1 to 10 to [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10].

EDIT: I recently made a blockify block:
Import this image to get the Blockify blocks

Import this image to get Blockify

Nice artwork but like can you put the actual blocks in the image too for those skimming through or something

The script pic in their post is a smart script pic, so I have no clue why they bothered to put in the other custom image.

Actual List (unevaluated). My application is that I want
Streams extended script pic
(whose second input is Any (unevaluated)) to look like
Streams extended script pic (1)
but still have that input be unevaluated.

I figured if you could make Upvar (variadic) by adding its two component flags, mabye you could make an input type by adding (unevaluated) to List.

I actually made this tutorial to place code in images: